Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dress Code Police

I got nega comments from random friends in Facebook about the clothes I wore at my citizenship oath-taking (here). They think it was awkward. They think it's not fitting for the said event. I think they thought its just plain boring even though my clothes has nothing to do of the event. I went there to get my certificate not to judge my clothes. They are making pointless criticism to just have something not good to say. Actually, I'm okay of any constructive criticism but, this is not the case. That irks me.

I admit, I'm no Anna Wintour or Madonna. I'm not expert of all fashion stuff. Thus, I don't really care about fashion much. Or what not to wear. In fact, I do not follow any fashion rules. As long I know the clothes I'm wearing are decent enough, clean, and presentable I go for it. Besides, of course, the fact I know the boundaries of overly dress, like, who the hell is to wear coats and boots in summer? In fact, some people wore shorts and tees at their wedding. Then again, if that is your choice then go for it. I don't care. So why can't they give that choice for me?

The truth of the matter is I only dress up for my own comfort not (dress) to empress everybody. We don't live like the latter, do we? My point is that it is not about the dress I'm wearing, it is about what I've accomplished that day. Why can't they give that moment for me? I don't understand.

Oh well, I move on.

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