Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hockey Game

My first experience of Hockey game watching live in the stadium was 4 years ago (2007) in Fort Lauderdale. The Panthers is currently the South Florida's team. My family don't actually follow this sport that's why we don't know anything about it when we watched but, hey, it was fun! The reason why we watched Hockey because we got free tickets courtesy from our generous friends (who loves Hockey).

The Panthers home stadium is the Bank of Atlantic Center in Sunrise (Fort Lauderdale area). This is the outside of the stadium. The right photo is MIL and DH were heading to enter in the suite/club lobby. Again, thanks to our sponsors! :)

Finally, we're at the arena. Inside is freezing only because it's Hockey- that floor is ice!

Yap it was fun. Honestly, I don't know the technical rules. All I know is how they get scores. :)

These were make-believe-rats sold for $2 each that was 4 years ago, I don't know how much now. Can you imagine, you bought that fake rats just to throw away at the opposing team your $2 is gone just like that.

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