Friday, November 11, 2011

Puddy The Cat

Puddy Zoom is MIL and grandma's cat.

He never cease to amaze me. Puddy is such a beautiful cat inside and out. His vet adore him so much cause Puddy is the only cat who never cry and fight when a vet perform the checkup.  :) Ever since my dog Stormy died Puddy allows us to play with him whenever we come to visit MIL and grandma. Strangely enough cause he never does that when Stormy is still alive. He usually asleep never wants us to be bother him.

This is his first time to see himself at the mirror.  He jumps and scratches it. I think, he doesn't understand that is his reflection. So cute. :)


irel said...

Cute kitty^-^ musta na day?

ring-my-Belle said...

Yes, he is. Thank you. I'm doing pretty good Irel. How about you?