Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quality Control

I miss working in a Quality Control jobs even though it can be stressful but I like the idea of analyzing and measuring whether the existing products meet a set quality. I like to reject or approve the quality of the products after analyzing them, it give me sense of power. Heehee I'm only kidding. It's fun being in the production area I like to see and talk the hardworking people around there. It's a fulfilling job actually but I didn't go further into that profession since I moved here in the U.S.

My colleague back home already found the Quality Assurance Director Jobs she always wanted. Thanks to her perseverance and determination to achieved her dream job by getting a higher degree. She got her MBA and work full time at the same time. It took her so long to finish schooling but  the hard work pays after all. I'm very happy for her achievement. I wish to follow her steps. Such an inspiration.

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