Thursday, November 24, 2011


For the first time on Thanksgiving day my family didn't cook Turkey today. We're having vegetarian meals. I know it doesn't make sense as traditionally we American  grilled or broiled Turkey during Thanksgiving but we family of four decided to opt out the Turkey meal. Grandma and I only eat real meat and the rest are vegetarians, so it's practical for us to cook vegetarian food for all, and I don't mind it. We are thankful enough to have meals, and I believe the Turkey families are also thankful for our decision. :)

Last night I watched the Robert Ervine's Restaurant: Impossible show. One episode, Robert and his friends cook meals for 300 people in just 5 hours. Now that is impossible! But they did it. They cook mashed potatoes, boiled beans, dessert and grilled Turkeys. For them to cooked faster they grilled the Turkeys using the stainless steel drum an old style grilling material. With all the Turkey thing I saw on TV last night that makes me so over it.

 Anyway, my family finished our Thanksgiving dinner early tonight so husband and I went home to relax early. For everybody who celebrate today's Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving you all!

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