Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Traditional Wedding Bands

The importance of wedding cannot be judged by way the society looks at it, but how an individual deeply wants it. The importance of wedding cannot be denied, since this is the occasion when two different people join together for the rest of their life.  The wedding ring is a key to make the marriage memorable and romantic. Many people believe in the custom that wedding ring is a signature of the wedded couple- that rings are considered as their love and commitment for lifetime. Others view it as a sign that a person is "taken" and off limits.

Traditionally wedding rings are made up of gold and silver. But now designers are making rings of platinum and titanium. Rings have classy look with diamonds setting. Of course, other cultures have their own wedding ring styles. Like the (Irish) celtic wedding jewelry - an exceptional, unique Celtic wedding bands, engagement rings and bridal jewelry created in Ireland. It is all about traditional celtic wedding rings. For example, their Emer Court Celtic Warrior Wedding Ring is described as the perfect woman, Emer possessed the six gifts of womanhood: beauty, voice, sweet speech, skill in needlework, wisdom, chastity. The noble and elegant Emer, reflected in this beautiful piece of Celtic jewelry, shows the love and passion of Celtic warriors and is a perfect Celtic wedding band for any modern day romance. If you would like just a small touch of the Irish tradition at your wedding day, you might consider Celtic wedding bands at irishheart.com

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