Monday, November 14, 2011

Worishofer Slingback Sandal

My Christmas gift wish is very simple. I only want to have a worishofer slingback sandal just like the above photos. It's practical because the bunions of my feet needs a breather from the normal shoes I have. I heard a lot about worishofer from my colleagues, magazines, and fashion bloggers that it's made especially for those feet has sensitive bunions like mine. The wedge of this shoe is  made of cork, it has open toe, lace tie, and the upper material is made of leather. I have no problem of the look, I think it is pretty neat.  :)

Christmas is just around the corner I still have time to save money for this. Or should I put myself into debt (credit card), or I ask my family to buy it for me.  The best thing about my dilemma is I have so many choices. :)

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