Monday, December 05, 2011

Scattergories: The Game Board We Play

Sunday is usually a family day for us. The day where husband and I visit his mother and grandma to their home have lunch, chat (most of the time), watch baseball, and play game boards such as scrabbles, pictionary and scattergories. We play against each other or we team-up. Lately we hook of scattergories- its a fast-paced word game, it helps me learn new words, and it test my memory, most of all it is FUN!

i love this game so much that I won't stop playing until I win. Too bad I can't win against my husband even grandma and mil they can't get a win. Yes, we are very competitive to each other everybody wants to win but at the end we learn so much words and had fun- that is all that matter. Really. :)

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