Monday, December 26, 2011

The Snow is Falling Down

To see a snow falling and to experience play with it was my childhood dream. Never that I would thought that that dream will come true. I went to visit my sister and her family a couple of weeks ago for the first time in Alberta, Canada to spend time with them and to finally experience the real winter season. Because in Florida our winter is not white. Mostly people I know say we're lucky to live in a place (Florida) that has a beautiful weather all through the year. Yeah, agree. But, still am longing to experience a snow. During my stays over there in Edmonton (the capital city of Alberta) the snow didn't fall, until just a couple of hours left before my flight back to Florida. The snow is falling so  beautiful. It made my whole vacation complete.  

From my room where I laid on a bed I went straight outside of the complex along with my sister and nephew the moment a snow is started to falling on the ground.

I was having fun playing of it. Jumping up-and-down like a kid. It was lovely experienced. Snow is beautiful indeed!!

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