Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Spring Roll Kitchen in Edmonton

When I was in Edmonton my sister and the rest for her family brought  me here (SpringRoll Kitchen) for dinner. Yay, she knows what I like! I know I've been eating a lot of Vietnamese food lately here in Florida but I won't mind at all having it in the other country again. After all Canada's restaurants are most likely what we have in the USA.  Below is me taken a souvenir photo outside of the restaurant.

The interior design at Spring Roll is kinda modern not like a typical Vietnam.

The menu looks amazing

The food prices are not that bad.

They served us a hot green tee which I really need at that time cause my throat was itchy. I caught the cold and sore throat so bad.

That said, I ordered their special soup (pho). As usual it taste good since I got a sore throat I didn't finish this soup.

My niece ordered this. She said it taste good.

My nephew had this beef steak. It taste great.

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