Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fern Forest Nature Trails in Florida

The park features nature trails, boardwalks, picnic tables, a garden, scenic overlook, gopher tortoise habitat, nature exhibit hall, as well as an amphitheater. A great park for everybody (even my 86 year old grandma loves there), this 254-acre urban wilderness area contains numerous hiking trails, including the Prairie Overlook trail, the Maple walk trail, Wetlands Wander trail and the Cypress creek trail. The nature center also includes a butterfly bridge that you see them flying everywhere.

Canon Ink Quality

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Cape Town

I heard and read so much about good thing of Cape Town in South Africa from travel blogger, news, and from random people that I have met. Cape Town is the second-most populous city in South Africa. The city is famous for its harbour as well as its natural setting in the Cape floral kingdom. And is also Africa's most popular tourist destination. Cape Town has recently enjoyed a booming real estate and construction market, because of last year (2010) World Cup as well as many people buying summer homes in the city or relocating for a job there permanently.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Breakfast Date at iHop Tomorrow

at 10AM with my in-laws of course (in-case-you-care, the husband couldn't come with us because this is only for women besides my husband doesn't like much iHop) as we want to start our weekend early. This would be a fun day for us as girls want. You know, we hop to places we like whatever we see. Gee, how could we go wrong? None, period. hehehehe Now, the 100millionth dollar question what should I order? I don't wanna get mishap tomorrow because It has been so long since I ate heavy breakfast. Yeah, this is too heavy for me as I only ate an apple, hot tea, and crackers or oatmeal every day. I guess simple and fit two egg breakfast in the menu will work for me. Sounds good.. I can now smell.

Well, see you tomorrow iHop! And good night everybody!!

Chicago Honda Dealer

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Fog Attack

but I like it...only in the morning otherwise we can't appreciate it at night cause its too dangerous driving with foggy condition during the night. But when it came in the morning, ahh.... it's so beautiful. I imagine the sky came down to land and creates heaven in the land.  There's this calm feeling of it. It just marvelous. I can't get enough of it, I have this fascination of the sun, moon, sky, stars, rain, thunder lights, fog and natural things that I so appreciate. They are beautiful but scary. Suffice to say it I sure have snap shots of the fog from the other day. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Online Stock

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Miz Mooz Shoes

So my husband caught me again browsing the Shoe Inn website for shoes. He shakes his head and stares at the screen of my computer with disbelief. I know, I know... I am very much aware of the fact that I already have plenty of shoes in my closet and I'm still craving for more. Can you believe that? It's not just my husband but millions of men knows about women shoe fetish, and always ask "why do we women need so many shoes?"

It is what it is. Women really love shoes. Well, honey I don't have this color neither the style that's why. And the reasoning is keep going more and more it never stop especially when there are new style coming out it made women more obsessed. Like the tory burch shoes just released their Spring  collection for 2011 and are very interesting designs. But what makes my dear friend recent interest about is the Old gringo shoes Ellie boots. A one of kind style.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Online Game: Age of War

There is no more stopping the Internet they are everywhere in the world. We can't deny that it has become a part of many people's lives. On my own perspective I honestly can't live without an Internet. Email is an important communications service available on the Internet by sending messages and or photos to connects my family, husband, friends, relatives, and colleagues aside of course my mobile phone. The Internet has enabled entirely new forms of social interaction, activities, and organizing. We can stream videos, add and share to our loved ones wherever they live even if they are in the other part of the world. Through Internet we can play age of war games, boxhead, and so many others.

We also get information and other requirements online so it only makes sense for businesses to use the Internet as a marketing tool, the most efficient and cheapest ways to promote company and their products. There are so many things we can do by using the Internet not to mention blogging and if you want to make money out of it, you can browse thousands of advertising company who have been very successful helping blogger for blogging for money online.

Michelle Williams- Marie Claire Cover Girl

love her hair cut, love her skin tone, love her style, and i like she acts. For more story of her go here ---> marieclaire

Online Coupons

Since the economy is in tough times everyone's looking to save a little money. It doesn't matter how much we make or who you are, paying less is always better than paying more. Saving money is indeed a good practice to have especially in these times of uncertainty. While my grandmother made a habit from saving a few dollars every time she buy grocery by using coupons or discount codes for office depot, most of the time I almost completely forgot about this useful practice. Most of the stuff you see in the frozen food aisles is junk food and is not a healthy choice or a good buy. That's why I buy fresh, eat fresh, save money (by using what I find staples coupons), and be healthy!

The best ways to do this is to cut back on expenditures by using coupons. Some of the advantages of using online coupons and coupon codes are discounted prices that mostly moms love.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Divorce Lawyer

Divorce causes so much bad feelings and anger that there is no way to keep it under control. It's just something that you have to survive and if you're lucky, you will not be too hurt to badly or for too long by it. On the other hand, it could ruin your life. However, healthy divorce or unhealthy divorce is not a matter of luck. The outcome is very much subject to the choices you are about to make. If you are in a terrible relationship and needed assistance in getting a divorce consider to meet with Mr. Evans (an Austin Divorce Lawyer), of Evan's Family Law Group, he took the time to explain the entire process and what the options are. No other law firm took the time to do this or made you feel as comfortable.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Guilty Pleasure: Gelato- Sicilian Pistachio

Before I off to watch a movie tonight let me share what I found in frozen aisle at Publix supermarket the other day. Thanks to Sicilian pizza I had for lunch this afternoon I now remember to post this blog about Sicilian Pistachio Gelato. What's with Sicilian by the way? Why is it so freaking famous of anything about Italy. Aha, is it because of The God Father movies? I should wiki it later to find out..

Meantime,  I'm not sure if this Talente gelato has same taste compare with the gelato in Italy because I haven't been to Italy. All I can say is that this gelato is tastes good almost like an ice cream, uh-oohh.. I like ice cream though one of my fave dessert that's why I like this gelato I don't care if it taste like an ice cream in fact I plan to get another paint. In case you are wondering I don't really eat this during freezing days here in Florida there are days like today is warm which give me reason to pleasure my sweet tooth. :)

This photo makes me so wanna eat some more scoops of this gelato. Yummy!!

Long Prom Dresses

Every senior high school students are so looking forward of May not just because it's end of school year but it's because of Prom! A night that every young girls and boys dreaming of since they were a child. For teenagers, Prom night is the biggest event in their school life. It represents young girls and boys into the adult world. It is also the best chance for you to be noticed by your boy crush and shows him your beauty wearing with a charming prom dress. Before anything else you must know the importance of choosing the right prom dresses for you on that special event.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Golden Globes Red Carpet Fashion Trends

Green is hot, hot, hot! Look at these celebs how they carry the beautiful fab!

Angelina Jolie (in Versace), Mila Kunis (in Vera Wang), Catherine Zeta-Jones (in Monique Lhuillier) and Elisabeth Moss (in Donna Karan) select the punchy hue for an eye-catching style statement.

credits: people mag

A Unique Fertility Practice

There are parents out there who wish for a baby boy or girl- you know how some couples won't stop trying to get pregnant until they get a specific baby gender they want, some couples ended up getting a divorce only because a man wanted to have a boy and a woman wanted to have a girl. Some are lucky and some are don't. Well not anymore because gender selection is now possible. Getting the baby you want can now happen if you undergo in vitro fertilisation using a screening process called preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

There are two major types of pre-implantation methods can be used for gender selection; PGD and Sperm Gender Selection. PGD is performed in the laboratory when the growing embryos are at the eight-cell stage. An opening is made in the outer membrane of the mebryo, and one cell is removed for analysis.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Body Procedures

When it comes to plastic surgery we think of movie stars, but normal citizens also get plastic surgery, and it's happening more, and more these days. I believe of freedom of choice. I don't care if someone undergo the knife in the pursuit of perfection, plastic surgery I mean, because that is their choice, and whatever choice they made they should have take responsibility of it. Many celebrities does plastic surgeries because their type of job has to be perfect all the time. Botox injections, boob job (breast implants), dental implants and nose job are the most common celebrity plastic surgery procedures. Sometimes they ended up with a weird looks.
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pit Senor!

Time check- 2:43AM EST

I still up skype-ing my family back home cause right now the whole town is celebrating fiesta of Senor Saint Nino more of my relatives from other city went to attend the celebration with my family and this is really what I do miss. Thanks to high technologies through Internet with web cam I can see my family, friends, neighbors, and relatives right now. Feels like I transported to their world. I am so there with them. Technically I didn't miss a thing- I see my mother and aunt are dancing, my sister, niece, cousins are singing, talking my childhood friends, my nephew and nieces fighting, see the foods they prepare, see their visitors coming in the house, every body's talking to me on the web cam, and I am so delighted and happy!

Oh my gosh, wait.......... the sinulog dancers are in my families house, I see them right now!!!!!! hahaha they're waving at me...hello everybody!! haha so real.... I can't believe this is happening... unbelievable.

If you have follows catholic faith you know what I am talking about. January is celebration of Senor St. Nino this is big festive in the Philippines.

This is my old photo of celebrating the festive I am talking about.

You've Got Mail

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Knitting Food Art

Thanks to Darwin Barton

When I first started knitting, I knitted the basic things such as socks and caps and mittens or doilies. After years of honing my craft, I am now knitting on an advanced level and am creating still food pieces with my knitting. Much the same way a painter paints still life food I am creating the same art in a knitted fashion. I like to watch satellite TV from to take a break from knitting and let my mind and fingers pause from the work before I continue on with creating these artistic pieces.

In the past month I have knitted bananas and bowls of fruit such as pears and apples. I have knitted hanging grapes and gifted them to a friend whose kitchen is decorated in wine and grape accessories. She loved them! I have also enjoyed knitting large loaves of rustic, old-fashioned looking loaves of French bread. All these food pieces I have knitted have really made my kitchen come alive and have given it a unique appeal and charm. I enjoy also knitting wine bottle holders as a simple but charming accessory for gifts to give to friends.

Captured Moments: Animals 002

Stormy wanderlust around the house.

Rocky the Great

We're Rocky foster parents only when his family take a vacation we take care of him. We all love Rocky even my dog gets along very well with him. Although he's super hyper, gets easily scared and peed on our pergo laminate wood at times he still has a soft feeling for us. Such a cutie when he dances like a pro, I swear he can dance. You know when he lift his two front legs up and jump back and fort or funny! And oh, he is too loud when he sleep, snores like a gigantic animal as tiny as he is can ruin our whole night sleep. heehee

Guilty Pleasure: Vegetarian Cupcake and White Russian Hole

I couldn't resist whenever I see anything sweet foods I have to have to try get them. My terrible massive sweet tooth really put me into the black hole where I couldn't get out without eating this stuff. Good thing I manage to limit myself if not I should live so I probably gain so much weight now and start taking the best diet pills in the world already. But that's not my case, as I said, I know to handle myself.

Besides, there are so many organic and vegetarian foods can be find in store nowadays that's why I'm loving the whole idea of it. At Whole Foods these cupcake and cakes I just find out.

This White Russian Hole is worth the price I paid is to die for....... I don't know what they do but this is not too sweet. I'm glad it has only less than 200 calories per serving. 

Vegetarian Carrot Cupcake 100% natural is good! I'm drooling while writing this now. Urrgghh! lol

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Istanbul Shopping Guide via Marie Claire

I wish I am her. he he The cocktail rings are so it.

Chronic Cough

Creating a healthy social lifestyle now makes my chronic coughing away. I was diagnose acute Pneumonia (twice) back when I was at 20s- at the peek of partying, being in the smoke environment, lack of sleep, ate unhealthy food causes me to almost ruin my lungs. I had a very bad experienced of cough (COPD symptoms) that I can only swear not to happen again thought I had a Pneumonia good thing I'm not there yet....almost. COPD symptoms usually slow to develop and often don't appear until significant damage has occurred. The common COPD symptoms I had was chronic coughing my cough is not clear but yellow. I cough constantly until I wheezed when air is forced through narrow air passages in the lungs when I exhale caused by excess mucus obstructing the airways.

Since I move here and got married my life has change at all. I always declined my friends invitation to go for a weekend party at the disco bar. If there's only disco place that has no cigarette smokes I will go. Then again, that is not possible so I stay away from it. The only way not to have those acute Pneumonia again is to practice living a healthy lifestyle. Thank goodness I have a partner who is into this kind of lifestyle, and I was so happy to maintain this.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wood Products On Sale

Wood material for furniture and kitchen accessories can be both elegant and homey. With good construction a piece of wood furniture or kitchenware accessories can last forever. And it is usually pretty reasonable.

So if you're in the market for a new wine racks, cutting boards, kitchen work center islands, knife storage, spice racks, and wine racks shop online through j.k. adams dot com they have good quality inexpensive wood products I mention above on sale and shipped quickly to you.

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These are ones of JK Adams products that I love the most. For more information visit their easy to use site and a smooth transaction.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Managed Web Hosting for Small Business

In this day and age mostly people are have an Internet access at home or anywhere. Customers use the Internet to find everything. We know that more people are buying things online nowadays. That's why every business needs a web site. This may be most important for a small business that cannot afford missed opportunities and needs the most efficient way to conduct its business affairs.

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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Captured Moments: Animals 001

They are such like a human being...i swear! Sooooo cute.


I'm sure many of you are now have list of goals for this year 2011. Whether having a job, to quit smoke, paying debts, buy a new Audi car, sell or buy a house, to travel more, and among others are the good things to reach and for us to have a positive life. After all having goals, needs and wants makes us work harder to achieve all of it. Reward yourself only if you can afford having debts left and right is no good in this time of crisis. Anyway there are plenty of options if you want to like having a car- we can buy or lease either way it has good advantages.

One thing for sure I know from my dear friend who's dreaming to have her own car and that she is planning to lease a new BMW car in March. Good for her. She deserves it anyway. Her husband is currently searching  for car deals in town good thing they find the cheapest car deals through CarWorks- which is known for the best place to buy or lease a new or used car online. They help consumers find the best quotes from local dealers nationwide. And that my friend will consider their services for her car search. I'm pretty sure she can get a good deal. Good luck, my friend!

New Year's reunion party

Guest post written by Mike Richardson

For months now, my old college buddies and I have been saying that we should get together to catch up and party a little bit. Well, I told them that we actually needed to act on our wishes and they're all coming over to my house for a New Year's Eve bash that they'll never forget. We all stayed pretty close to our alma mater, so that's likely and reasonable for all of them to actually come over for a party.

But, I don't really know hardly anything about throwing a party that doesn't include a keg, so my girlfriend and I have been using our Direct TV Internet to look up all kinds of stuff to make and do for it. I'm going to make my mean cheese queso dip, which is one of the only things that I can cook. (I'm kind of famous for it.) She's going to pick up some stuff from the bakery at the grocery store and also put together some other snacks for it.

I'm just hoping that this party is better than the New Year's that my brother threw last year because after he begged me to come to it, it was kind of a disappointment.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Fiesta Bowl Bound!

Contributed by Maria Ruiz

Jennifer and I wanted to take the kids somewhere fun this January. We thought about going whitewater rafting but ended up deciding on going to a college football bowl game. Since we did not want to leave Arizona our choices were the Insight Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl, or the National Championship Game. Rather than get mixed up in all the fuss of a championship game, we figured a good way to bring in the New Year would be to watch Connecticut and Oklahoma duke it out in Glendale, AZ. Jennifer thinks that we should take the motor home but I am more apt to want to stay in a Holiday Inn or a Super 8 so that we can save the money for our trip to Las Vegas in March. Neither of us are too partial one way or the other about who should win but since Latka is our beautiful Husky dog, the kids want Connecticut to win. Before we head out for the game, we really should set our home alarm from My main excitement since getting the Fiesta Bowl tickets in the mail has been the prospect of being able to enjoy some tailgate action with Tim, Joe, and Chad. They are huge Oklahoma fans and have been for the last fifteen years. All in all, I think the trip will be fun.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Dinner before New Year's Eve

I usually cook whenever there's an occasion but this time I decided to take-out food for dinner before New Year's eve... it's a Holiday after all! he he

I got a baby back ribs at Outback steak house for myself. Ordered it online at pick it up later...what a new world, eh? The ribs taste good but I expected a superb taste.. I guess not.

An Orso pasta with olives, capers and blue cheese, and sweet potato soup for my husband. Whole Foods has great vegetarian food.
and we both sipped a red wine (Alcohol free!) soooooooo good.

Remembering My Friend

When my dear friend and her family moved to Dallas, Texas last 2009 that was one of my downtime. She was the first Filipino that I have met since I moved here, and we became a very good friends. Those are the time when the USA economy collapse her husband lost the job and decided to go back to his parents in Dallas  to start a new life. My friend doesn't like the idea but she has to obey her husband's decision, he knows what is best for them. After a few months living with his parents, he finally found a temporary job, and decided to find a Dallas Homes for Sale to move in. My friend couldn't stand to live with her in-laws anymore. They won't get a long. I felt bad when my friend telling me this crying. She really wanted to go back here but the husband already have a realtor for work their house.

Dallas Real Estate has plenty of house inventory. They have thousands of Dallas Homes For Sale listings selling homes in a slow market. Their houses and lots are huge at a very affordable price. My friend family bought a house that has 3 beds and 2 1/2 baths for just less than 200,000. She said living there is now good. And she's happy with it.

New Year, New Hair!

Finally, I was able to cut my hair with style at the hair salon here in FL after 4 years since I moved here. Technically, I trimmed my hair by myself before as I a very frugal and skeptical of paying too much service fee hence I grew up paying less than just a dollar back in my homeland. What makes me decide? Well, after all those years having a plain hair I kind a bit tired of it. It just a matter of right time... I didn't have plan, until, before the New Year's eve went to Super Walmart to return something that I bought after that on the way to the exit door I found a Hair Salon with has a huge banner telling me their package promo. I then grabbed the opportunity besides I really wanted to have a positive bang  to welcome 2011. And I did! The package cost me only $21 including shampoo and quick-blow-dry hair. I am very happy after I had my hair cut. It has now volume!  What a good start for a New Year... :)