Monday, February 28, 2011


I was able to dropped by in the Team Pacquiao's store at the mall in General Santos City, Philippines where my family lives when I visited them a couple of weeks ago. The store offers all Manny Pacquiao's souvenir stuff like tees, shoes, gloves, towels, bags, key chains, pens, mugs, and among others for a very pricey tag. But who cares he is Manny Pacquiao the boxing champion of the world. I wouldn't actually mind buying some of them cause my husband and I are his fans. We love watching Manny's fight.

Speaking of boxing Manny Pacquaio has a fight coming soon against Shane Mosley- my husband and I may not be able to watch the said fight at the arena live but thankfully we have Satellite TV to see it via PPV.  I'm pretty sure it will be another good fight of Manny since we know how great he is at it. Too bad my father will missed this- he loves Pacman whenever Pacman has a fight my father wakes up so early to prepare himself so he can watch the entire show through our aunts Satellite TV during those times.  

Kia Optima

Today in our office everybody are in good moods because we learn that our bonus is going to be release anytime this week. You know when we have extra money we can easily think of unnecessary things to buy from that. In fact the girls (my colleagues) already planning for a cruise trip this month using the bonus they're getting. Sounds so much! Meanwhile, the guys are thinking to put their bonus money from their savings account so that if they have enough savings they can use it to buy a new Nissan Altima Coupe 2.5S car or Mercedes-Benz S1550. Well.. well... seems they have been planning on that thing for so long now cause soon they said they'll going to get it. Must be wonderful, I said. Good for them!

As for me, I'm not getting any car very soon. Am still happy with I have right now it may not like aston martin but really I have no major problem of my car so far, and I am glad that I won't be spending my extra money for any of that right now. I have to save more for it just in case. But for now- no. If  I were them, they should consider to think about the Kia Optima cause its very practical compare to the cars they've wanted. The Kia Optima is more engaging mid-sizers like Ford Fusion and most of all it only needs low monthly payments and maintenance. I'm just saying.

Kia Optima exterior design

Kia Optima interior design

Friday, February 25, 2011

Because We are Blessed

The day I learned my father dies I was so hurt but also relief that he finally rest in peace cause I don't wanna see him suffer. I thank God for everything (I believed He does gave my husband and I so much blessings in time we needed a financial to support my family or else we could have get cash advance payday loan to cover our expenses) from financial and emotional blessings my family needs the most during the loss of my father. Things worked out just fine with us everything works smoothly with regards to my flight back and forth, and the process of my father's burial.

Excited to be able with my family and see my father for the last time. What makes us easy to accept the loss its because we have so much faith in God and that everything happen has a purpose. It is very important to have faith. My father is a believer. Very solid. That's why my heart is pounding due of excitement when I was waiting for my flight to Philippines.

arrived at the gate area inside Miami airport

waiting for AA aircraft to finish loading some stuff

while waiting I stretch my legs to be ready for a long flight

came around at 7pm the aircraft associates announced for boarding into the plane. I was then excited. Can't wait to see my family.

Pinoy Delicacies

My friends back in the Philippines when I see them during my recent trip over there think I never age and never ever change. Ahem.. I'll take that as a compliment but I asked them why would I change? They said how come I didn't gain weight with all those American food I ate and Filipino food I had when I was there. OK, easy guys, I said I eat moderately- a little bit of this and a little bit of that helps me maintain my body weights in fact I don't need to worry to intake more appetite suppressants just to have this weight. Take moderation and control yourself otherwise you'll become "Precious" (you know what I am talking about the overweight teen mom in the movie Precious) gain lots of fats. But they can't still believe how I did that. Alright then, whatevah.

Meanwhile, I asked them to have some Filipino snack foods I in dire to eat for so many years. And we ended up having these pinoy snacks which are rice cakes (different kind of rice cakes), Goldilocks especial polvorons, pastillas, crispy corniks, and among others. I am loving all of them. Sigh because I really miss them now.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Camping and Hiking in Canada

Canada is one of the place that I would love to visit someday whether its winter, spring, summer or fall, the country is undoubtedly beautiful. Nature lover as we are (husband and I) can not wait to see what Canada has to offer for us with their historic rivers and mountains. I'm sure they have plenty of rooms for us to play. I am very much hungry of nature wanna hike at Waterton National Park and to many other parks Canada have. The husband wanna see the animals in there either. Looking at the photo's below make me wanna fly there now... I know it frozen at this time, summer is the great time for camping! I shall prepare for that.

For now I am planning for this trip ( in the future, who knows when) by searching the website of Canada and start buying stuff the campers need to have! Learn from shopwiki about choosing the hiking shoes basically we need a lighter one, the easier it will be to walk and water resistance- that will allow moisture to leave the inner parts of our boot. Also having the right knives and tools when we're outdoors can save a lot of hassle. Swiss army knife is essential! Camping without tents bugs will takes us so a tent is essential too for our outdoor adventure. It will keep us warm and dry and safe from insects and other pests. I'll also give us a place to hide from bears roaming around.. I cringe! hehehe

photo credit:

Scrubs for Her

Me and my other sister lives abroad, my older sister lives and work in the other city far away from home so our only younger sister lives with my parents so she's the one who took care my father when he was sick. Good thing is my sister is a registered nurse knows to handle this kind of situation. We are so proud of her because she never complains about the hardship of this kind of job especially when she's nursing our own father. She told me once when our father saw her wearing the nursing uniforms he cried and told her not to go to work cause he wants her to watch him all the time. So she decided to take time off from her work just to give all her time taking care of my father until he passed away. Now that we moves on my sister has plenty of time to do whatever she wants for her future right now she's getting a work experience in the local hospital back home.

She deserves a wonderful career in the future because she is a hardworking person. Because of that I want to give her a reward. Today I am busy searching the net for 100 cotton scrubs nursing uniforms for my sister. Thankfully I found this website BlueSkyscrubs dot com that offers plenty of beautiful  cheap nursing scrubs for any boys and girls whether you need scrub hats, shirts, jackets, medical coats, and accessories they have it all. Above photo is what I bought for my sister, hope she would love them.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maria Aragon Sings Born This Way

Wow. Cute..

Blurry Photos Seems OK

These photos was taken last month. I think it seems interesting that's why I'd like to share this with you. 
I don't know what was happen of my digicam for some reason the photos ended up blurry or distorted after snapping some shots as far as I know I only set the camera on auto mode. Notice the other area of the image are just fine- I have no idea why it came out like this. Aren't we looks like a ghost? hehe

Anyway, my family went to our favorite restaurant that serves delicious salads and soups during this time. I would never replace this restaurant to any steaks. I swear. Again, adapexin p is my other options if I eat too much fatty food to loss some fatty weights.

FoodTrip: Jollibee

Sorry for the food porn in fact expect more blog post to go about food during my recent trip in the Philippines. Only when I travel that I eat excessive amount of food (fat burner to the rescue) almost everyday and that makes my travel complete! I already decided my first meal in Phils it has to be Jollibee, are you kidding me? I've been waiting for this day to arrive and it finally happened. Jollibee is number one pinoy food chain in the Philippines even little kids knows what's that bee head logo means- spaghetti and chicken joy (with gravy please!). So ordered the famous dish they have. Spaghetti, chicken joy, fries, and mango pie. I felt at home. I'm home! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back from Being Hiatus

  at the airport waiting for boarding

When I have been asked about my New Year's resolutions for this year my only answer is "I want my life to surprise me" cause I don't like to preempt my future anymore it hurts me when it does not gonna happened according with what I have plan. Well... sure enough life surprises me. Really, nobody would know what will gonna happen for our life tomorrow, and that's what had my family experienced. At least God gave us time to accept the fact of the reality in so many ways. January 15, 2011 my father got stroke and was confined. His brain totally crashed the reason why he became bedridden after few weeks (Feb. 6) he passed away peacefully.

My parents lives in the Philippines and I live here in the USA by that I have to decide whether I'll go home or not. Then my husband and I decided me to go impromptu. After the day I learned my father died I book the tickets and hotel (I only have one day to do that) then catch the flight the next day. Now that I'm back I realize how life is full of surprises though I don't like the idea of losing someone that I care so much instead I look on a brighter way with this I spent time to be with the rest of my family closer to them. And know that my father is in heaven. Now it's time for me to move on.

FoodTrip: Bangus (Milk Fish)

During my recent short vacation in the Philippines I ate but seafood all the time. I told my mother to prepare me local food that I really like. No chicken, pork or beef of my meals I insisted it. I did food tripping when I was there my gosh everything I see that I like I eat! hehehe Good thing is I don't need yet the creatine powder to loss my body fats cause my metabolism are great, I didn't consume all the food I take it goes straight in the toilet! hahaha

When I was in Manila on my last night in the Phils I make sure I have to eat milk fish (bangus) thankfully I found a restaurant in Mall of Asia where they serves good bangus recipes. The restaurant called Bangus (itself) so I went in with my cousin and we ordered the food that we enjoy to eat. It was delish. Its worth the price we paid. No wonder why the restaurant is always pack of people and that makes me wanna go back. Now I know where to dine in next time.

Crispy Calamare fried

Sinigang na Shrimp (sour soup with shrimp)

Sisig bangus

 for drinks- I got green mango shake that is soooooo good.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses

I no longer dreaming or wanting to become a bridesmaid since I became a bride but if one of my dearest friends ask me to be their bridesmaid maybe then. When I was a bridesmaid of my older sister's wedding for the first time that was the most exciting experienced I had. Thought my gown was lovely- silk material and bright color that was 12 years ago. Over time things has change and so as the people. We have plenty of choices now from formal to designer bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses to choose from. I love how some of the designs are liberating and elegant. If I were a bride or be a bridesmaid again I would pick this kind of dress (well, chocolate is my favorite and this color match my taste) so chic!

Super Bowl XLV HalfTime Show Performance

Black Eyed Peas with Usher and Slash... they are awesome!! Love it.

Indoor Decor & Furnishings: Bar Stools

Many people said that kitchen is their most favorite place in the house not just because where food is cooked and prepared but it serve an entertaining and aesthetic purpose are the counter barstools. That's why is good to have a multi-purpose furniture in our kitchen like a barstool.

To create your dream house choose on of these barstools for your kitchen counter bar this kind of piece never grow out of style we may become old but these ones are not.

Below bar stools are design and flawlessly turned legs make these bar stools stand out in a crowd. It has has the quality to be top/full grain, which is leather made in its purest form. Its beautifully crafted with a fine textures and designs. These bar stools are designed to age gracefully and grow even more beautiful with use over time.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Cyber Monday Deals

There are so much going on of me now I have plenty of to do list that needs to checked out  from what's on my lists one by one the soonest. Urghhhh.... if only I could stop the earth from turning so I can do it all the pace that I want. Sigh. Sometimes I'm no breather this will stress me out. So really I wanted to finish planning the menu I am going to make for my husband's birthday party at home but I haven't started it yet. Now there's this buying gift for valentines and for the husband's birthday that I haven't started to look for it yet. And there's this on and on and on... seriously I really don't know where to start with. I heard there is a Cyber Monday holiday special deals  in store or online started this weekend and I am going to take advantage for it to buy some gifts. There you go..

Snap It: Fruit and Flowers

Online Dress Up Games

When I was a kid I had limited toys only because my parents couldn't afford to spoiled me in fact whatever I had was a hand-me-down from my older siblings. But that doesn't turn me into a rebellious kid because my neighbor playmates were likely have the same situation as I was before. But now? uh-ooh... kids nowadays have plenty of toys and games to choose. Thanks to those genius techie people who made kids now life possible than before. My nephews and niece are so lucky they have unlimited games whether its handy or computer they play games wherever, whatever they want. Good thing is genius techie people create games not only for kids but also for men and women can enjoy to play. As for me, yeah, there are some online games that I like especially the Dress Up Games which I am currently enjoy playing. Because I love fashions (clothes, shoes, bags, etc) this game challenge my creativity when it comes to dress up like a star.

Dress Up games have numerous of famous celebrity to dress up for us to play. There's this Lady Gaga Dress Up


If you like Paris Hilton then you dress her up like what I did.

This is what I played for Paris dress up, I chose summer outfit! Do you like my creations?

Try this game, it is FUN!

Gas Logs

Winter time is pretty especially the snow but can be very nasty colder as well. There's still time to buy a gas fireplace this winter to keep us warm. Gas logs fireplace on the other hand is good to place inside or outside our house. It provides good heating for the kitchen, dining area, bed rooms, or outdoor living area. It is easy to set up and it adds a nice ambiance too, then the outdoor and indoor of R.H Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs is an excellent choice for you. Hansen Wholesale offers Guaranteed Lowest Prices on ALL Gas logs by R. H. Peterson. They are gas log experts and were the first dealer to display gas logs on the Internet since 1994.

For their current special offer- we can get an extra $75 off of all R.H. Peterson Gas Logs  set of any size purchased. Free shipping applies only to complete gas log sets under 36" in width when shipped via Fed-Ex ground. For more information please visit this Gas log FAQs.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Newborn Hats

There are so many tiny new babies in need of warm hats, blankets and booties especially in cold weather, a lightweight neutral newborn hats will protect your baby from the sun's rays in hot weather as well. The neutral newborn hats also best to wear during winter season to protect their sensitive skin and of course to keep them warm.

So if you are looking for boys newborn hats, girls newborn hats for them to wear on winter or summer seasons offer a wide selection of inexpensive newborn and infant baby hats for any budget. Their selection help you whether you're looking for a funky cowboy hat or a warm cap for winter.