Thursday, March 31, 2011

Royal Wedding Invitation

This is a simple wedding invitation of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I think I kinda like it. The minimalist style is super elegant. Very straight forward.

credits: people dot com

I'm sure many people in the world would watch the wedding of the year the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011. I sure will. This event will be broadcast live as I heard on the radio this morning from Ryan Seacrest he said  he will go to London just to cover this special event. He also said that there are some people planning to get a trip for this wedding. I believe him but I wonder why. To just being nosy I guess...who knows. 

Anyway, I am very curious if Kate is having a bridal shower. If they do have how royal bride to be celebrated it. Does she will also be giving away of the bridal shower invitations for this occasion, does she gonna have a wild party? I just curious. 

Ed Hardy Jewelries

I'm not a fan of Ed Hardy merchandise its too hip for me though I love animal print on tees, dress or bags but the kind of Ed Hardy designs have are not my cup of tea. But I would still buy it only for gifting to somebody I know who loves this kind of stuff.  I pretty sure my MIL would love these earrings and ring- that skulls are definitely she enjoys to wear.  She had a few of Ed Hardy tees but not this ed hardy jewelry collections I'm sure she would loves to own someday. Now that Mother's Day is coming soon I now know what to buy for my MIL's gift.

Thia Megia - one of her best performance

Last night's American Idol the remaining contestants were singing Elton John songs. I was excited to watch them cause I'm a fan of Elton John's music. I'm telling you, I wont ever get tired nor never will be of listening his classic songs. I have all of his best records in my iPod, that's how sick I am. Hehehe So last night I was with my friends had dinner in her house while watching the AI show. We actually rooting for Thia Megia, we're following her since she's one of us (Filipino). I can tell that she's a typical Pinoy very reserve, shy, but full of talents. She's indeed has a good voice quality, a voice that we would love to hear when we try to relax. So calming sounds like a bird. Beautiful. I love her piece last night singing her version of DANIEL by EJ. love it. Period.

You have no idea how many times I keep playing this video of her from last night challenged. I lost counts. :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home Away from Home

It has been said that there's always no place like "home". True. How about when you have two homes? Which of the two you miss the most? In my case, I lived my entire life in the Philippines, and since 2006 I moved and live here in the USA, so, technically I have two homes. Not that easy but somehow I managed to live like what it is now. Pretty much the latter is what literally my home cause I made a cocoon here. :) Kidding aside, when I went back in the Philippines last month I could not wait to step my foot on my hometown ground.  I felt home but not that at home. Things changed and so as the people. The city place is booming (too crowded), some people I know are not there anymore (some are deceased, some are moved out), then again, the whole thing and the people in there makes me happy.  Thing is, when while I'm there I miss my home here in the USA, now I'm back here I likewise miss my home in the Philippines. Ahh... what a LIFE!

But yeah I miss the quirky place of my hometown back in the Philippines. There's this polluted city and has so much traffic but if we go up north we can smell the fresh air cleaner (a lot cleaner), we can see lots of green, and the scenic volcano from afar. 

Homemade Miso Soup

I used to get my husband an instant Annie Chun's Miso soup in a bowl all the time for a long time. He loves it. Since my husband is a vegan I have to make sure to prepare something special for him. Thanks to Whole Foods and Tunnies they're our life saver. They have plenty of vegan food choices that you can imagine. Over there in Whole Foods I found this organic Miso chickpeas paste to make for a homemade hot Miso soup, and fresh Udon noodles to go with it. To complete the ingredients I bought Wakame (dried seaweed) at the oriental store.

This is how the soup looks like after done cooking. For a liquid base I used vegetable broth instead of plain water by the way, it brings so much flavor, of course the scallions are Asian favorite herbs so I might as well added it. In all fairness this soup is very tasty... I should live so! :) This is not as cheapest car insurance as what you've think of, this is real healthy soup for us.

Monday, March 28, 2011

What is He Thinking

Last Christmas I gifted cheyenne filtered cigars my father that he loves. I know he stops smoking for years already (guilty as I was) but he personally requested it to me since he promised me not to lit  this cigar. I trusted him. He only wants to have it give some to his friends. I am happy I did bought him it because the next month (January) he passed away. Now that I think about it he might knows what will happen to him that's why he acted weird like that asked the things he used to loves. I just can't believe.

Job Search

Despite the depressive unemployment rates in the USA there are still many people spending much of their money meaning they have job like me. I feel fortunate of having a job now after being canned from my previous employer. I also experienced just like other people who don't have job right now. But that doesn't stop me of losing hope instead I keep sending out my resume to any possible employer I found online whether administrative jobs or any general management jobs they're looking for I applied for it. Every single day I sent out my resume to at least 10 employers. Desperate? True. I absolutely was. But guess what? I got a job after all! It pays to be patient you know.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Guilty Pleasure: Nougat, Fruit Candies, Crackers & Chips

I can't live without sweets food and there were days I go crazy of chips, nuts and crackers. Thing is I am picky with regards to that, let's say chocolate- I don't like 3 musketeers,  m&m, etc.. I like something special (I'm not being a snob okay?) because that's how the way my taste buds is. Though I have a terrible massive sweet tooth I can't eat just sweets food, it has something to be good. 

My weekend is always something about food hunting shopping, whenever I go I make sure to look out for  some snacks food I can't live without. Lately I found these sinful foods... uh-oh, I terrified! :)

at Doris Italian market- got this Coffee Nougat with Almonds. Yum!

at Whole Foods- I feel in love with this Chewy Fruit Gems (black currant, passion fruit, apple, raspberry, quince and mandarin flavors). This is made with real fruit, delicately sweetened, burst with intense bright flavor. It sooo good. loveit!

at Wal-Mart-  I got this exotic "hapi" mixed crackers in the Asian isle section that I hoard since a couple of years ago. This one has wasabi peas, I can't believed I ate them...very hot! it taste good though..
at Whole Foods- TERRA exotic vegetable chips is where I met her. It simply the best and very healthy. Real exotic vegetable that is.

These are one of my unique finds of snacks that I love to bite every now and then. Of so many food that I have been eaten guess who needs to have colonetix to clean out my colon from those toxic foods? That would be me..Teehee!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Games (Let's Play!)

D, Jola, Guko

I am currently arranging and editing my photo albums in Picasa. I can't believe what I just find out, the photos I have taken so far are almost 10thousand since 2005 to present time I was like "wowed" about it, that's heck of photos right here. Funny is when I see my old photos there are so many great memories flashback in my mind from the past it really makes me laugh and cry at the same time. That's what about it. Photos can bring memories that I always treasure. 

Then, I saw this pic of my husband, niece and nephew was their first meeting back in 2006. They all like each other as in feels like they knew from their other life. They click just like that. I also think my husband games  brought them together cause kids as we all know loves to play a game. That's why no wonder kids likes my husband. In that picture they played Super Mario or something Mickey Mouse game I'm not sure all I know was my husband has lots of online games and that's not includes his ps3 bundles and wii. Even now my nephews and niece are growing up their conversation with my husband are always have something about games... meanwhile, I am so far behind. I have no idea what they're talking about.  If only they'd talk clothes, shoes or bags then I'll join. :)

Gift Ideas for Nurses

What do you up to lately, guys? I'm sure some of you are planning for Spring break vacation, does house chores, or shopping. Shopping sounds great, noh? Yes it is. Always. That's what I love to do too! I wish I have allotment from shopping funds in the bank or at least we could plant a money tree..Ha ha! *pathetic* Anyways, I really have to buy gifts for my sister's birthday. She needs something that is functional- something she can use everyday on her job. I'm thinking about of course the nursing uniforms (definitely she needed it) and a bag. Somehow somewhere I came across this Minnie Nurse wrist watch thought its too cute on her. I might as well get one. So I did! Hope she will like them. Happy Birthday sis!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bradley Cooper and Abbie Cornish

What's in their bags? interesting! Bradley is so funny..:)

Spring Break

When driving home after work I drove by the public swimming pools in our area today, the maintenance people fixing and cleaning it, and putting some new pool liners in it. That means summer is by around the corner and pretty soon people would go out to hang out in there. I know Spring is just arrived but we already experiencing hot weather sometimes here in fact Florida is a Spring break capital plenty of students from outside state come over here for a wet party. So here we go... goodbye cold, hello hot!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Taste of Filipino Food

I was able to succumbed all of these when I went home in the Philippines. My mom and my older sister didn't stop preparing me food. Homemade that is.. well, except the BBQs which were my personal request of them to buy me some (actually a lot!) as my all time favorite pinoy dishes could not have missed to eat one. Gee.. these foods make me hungry now.

Ginisang Dilis (Dried Anchovy Saute): such a good appetizer. mom cooked this.

Fried Fish: a common dish in every households in the Philippines. better than pork. hehe

Pork meat and Chicken intestines BBQ: one of the best. sooo good..

Chicken Legs BBQ: only in the Philippines can be found the best of these. Yum!

Nilagang Baka (Braised Beef): my mom's one of the best recipe. homemade food is always good.

Chicken afritada (stew): my older sister cooked this so creamy sauce chicken stew. taste very good. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

RV Living

One of the things I would like to do is to be able to experienced living in the RV or driven an RV. Traveling with RV is something adventurous I can go to any places wherever I want to go. I always on the go that's why an RV is seems like a great idea to own one if not to rent one. I can think of myself with the husband and dogs living in the RV when we gets retired. You know once we retire we own the time and we love to spend our time traveling often. So this whole thing makes me think about of RV. I know this is just somewhat a "day dreaming" but who knows someday I'll get what I want.

Owning or renting and RV can be very expensive because we have to consider the maintenance of it and the rv repair once it gets mechanical breakdown but I'm sure the insurance will take care of it. That doesn't change my wanting to experienced RV living.

Snap It: Clouds

I woke up in the morning with this wonderful view from the plane during my flight going to Hongkong (actually Philippines, HK is my stop over). Seeing this makes my tired body from the flights away. Ah.. marvelous!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Motorcycle boots with kick

Guest post written by Val Neil

I never really used to wear boots unless it was snowing outside until a few years back. I just thought they would be way too much trouble to style and thought I would never be able to wear them with casual things. Boy was I wrong. I have about eight pairs now and wear boots probably about 5 days a week. I just love them in winter because you can tuck skinny jeans into them and leave the house with a sweatshirt on and instantly look way more chic that you did a few minutes before. But I just recently found a pair of motorcycle ones that I like.

I had put off buying some motorcycle boots for a while because I thought I would look a little bit ridiculous in them. But then I saw a picture of my sister wearing some with jeans and a sweater while I was on Facebook at home with my Hughes Net. Then I just had to have a pair of my own.

Luckily when I decided that it was right in the swing of holiday sales, so I got a pair for a pretty good discount. Yes, I know that it's a little silly to rave about them after a month, but I can't stop wearing them!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Free Credit Score

Did you know that if you do not pay even a small bill from the doctor’s office, your credit score could be ruined? Some people think that not paying small bills from car mechanics, hospitals, or a DVD rental store will not have ramifications. However if you receive notices from a debt collection company and you still refuse to pay the amount owed, your credit score will be adversely affected. The bad news is that many people are blind when it comes to having access to their credit score. Do you know yours?

You can actually find your free credit score online, so you can see what your credit report looks like and work to increase your score. Remember the higher your credit score, the more purchasing power and credit limits banks will give you.

Snap It: Panoramic Photos of Manila City, Philippines

Was taken during my recent trip in the Philippines.

Manila Bay

Manila City at night

view of Manila City during the day

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chic Indoor Lighting

It's time for a change. I need to update my lighting designs of my house what I have right now are quite rusty and old. Have to replace all of them, well.. except in our kitchen cause it designs for a regular light bulbs, they are built-in on the ceiling. Anyway, our chandeliers in the living room, dining area, and at our foyer are very old fashion. I said that after I saw the Murray Feiss lighting designs they are very modern and gorgeous. So chic! The lines of each designs are very detailed, you can see the genius works right there. It looks simple yet very striking. You can never go wrong on a modern class designs. Beautiful. If only I have money in the world I'll get these all. :)

Mini-Pendant Pendant Light

Entrance / Foyer Pendant Light

"Downtown" Mid Sized Chandelier

Monday, March 07, 2011

Hongkong Airport has Free Internet Services

The Cathay Pacific aircraft I fly in from Manila has stop over in Hong Kong airport for my connecting flight to L.A. After going through the custom and border protection area I settled to gate 3 for my Cathay Pacific flight.

Since I only have 2hours left before boarding I decided to roam around the airport shopping area which I totally forgot to take a picture because I was having fun looking at the stores display. I love HK airport, it was tremendous, beautiful, high-tech, and clean. After few minutes walking and wandering around I found the "free internet services" computers. Totally cool. I have to check my FB so I can message my husband, but there is no available computer for me yet. Luckily that old man in the picture finally done using the Net and I hurriedly jumped on that chair (there are so many people in there wanted to use the Net) and was able to emailed my husband.

Travel Period: February 2011

Friday, March 04, 2011

Merchant Account Provider

Whether you're a small or big business credit card merchant account services can help grow your business fast. Choosing the right type of credit card terminal and service provider are very important in your business. You have to get a merchant account application that fits your company needs. Consider the Merchant Account Providers to process your credit cards. They've been into this business since 1997, through the years they are providing credit card processing solutions to companies from various industries. They offers advance technology to your customers and merchants whom continually trust and support you. Their product lines are consider the best for your retail, restaurant or Internet business. They also offer ACH & Check services without a risk. To know more about of their many services check out

Lady Gaga performs with Maria Aragon

OMG, I now like Lady Gaga.. what a sweetheart. :)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Airport and Airline Delimma

Coming home

when checked in for my flight at Cathay Pacific in Ninoy International Airport (NIA), Manila I was told by the associate to get my baggage at my final destination which is in Miami. I had a long flight from Manila-Hongkong-Los Angeles-Miami thinking about that now makes me insane but thank goodness my flight was safe. So anyways, arriving at LA was a big sigh of relief after long 18hours flight but then again I love traveling besides I'm coming home so it was all worth it. So anyway, anyways... when I arrived at LA (as my Port-of- Entry) all the passengers entering US borders are requires to be inspected by the U.S. Custom and Border Protection officers- so I picked up my baggage in the assigned carousel in LAX. After inspection I am running to catch my connecting flight to Miami. LAX is such a mess. Why we have to go outside the airport in order to check in for another flight? I just don't like their system! There's no signs where can we locate for a particular airline gate. You have to ask the securities outside standing the curve. I really get lost! But yeah, I have to walk and run (2miles) with my baggage in tow while looking for the airlines I am going to fly in. I only have an hour left to do this. Compare to other International airports we stay inside with all the convenience by using their moving walkway (walkalator), elevators, trams, and escalators to go to the airline gates. Good thing after few minutes (catching my breath) I was finally able to locate the American Airlines gate, and hurriedly checking in my baggage. Phew!!

I did catch the flight just in time for boarding into the aircraft. I so can't wait to be landed at Miami you have no idea how tired I was at that time. So happy when I arrived at MIA seeing my husband and friend makes me smile. But after I learned my baggage where nowhere to be found I was really dismay. Those were one of those days that people saying, there is always the first time for everything.. arghhhhh! I hate it. I worried about the stuff I bought for gifts, my jewelries, and the food could have been stolen. Who knows. I haven't purchase a travel insurance because I don't believe on getting that besides I already have life insurance (life insurance that's guaranteed issue) to cover me just in case. After 2 days since the lost of my baggage they finally delivered it to me. Nothing from my stuff lost. Luckily the food didn't get rotten. Because I was annoyed by the fact about the delayed of my baggage for 2days and 3 nights I in fact sent AA a letter of complaints in all honesty I really did not expected this baggage delays. I have no idea that this happens to anybody. I was just so worried about the jewelries I have in my baggage that are very sentimental for me.

Note to self- I should not leave the important belongings in my check-in baggage cause it can be lost. Put  them in the carry-on bags! Jerk. :)

Thank you anyway AA for honoring my messages and to take precautionary measures to prevent similar situations from happening again. Since you left me no choice for flying with you again I have to take advantage of the $100 voucher you sent me as a goodwill. I just don't know when and where to use it.

A Taste of Filipino Foods: Corned Beef and Sunny-side-up Egg Fried

Sunny-side-up fried egg and corned beef (along with white rice) are typical Filipino foods that can be eaten wither for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I brought home here in Florida some cans of "Holiday" corned beef from the Philippines during my recent trip, and I just finished eating all those corned beef- tonight was my last taste of Filipino style corned beef that I love to eat. I regrets not having buy more cans of it! To tell you honestly, I hate the corned beef here it doesn't taste good. *Sigh*