Saturday, April 30, 2011

Product Labels

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The Best Hats of the Royal Wedding

 What's with their hats? Why most women of that wedding wearing hats? I think you have got to be a royal in order to dress like that. What a trend! It is absolutely unique yet beautiful..

Queen Elizabeth II - does her hat looks like a fondant cake? love the color!

Zara Phillips

Prince William's cousins – Amelia, Eliza and Kitty

Princess Mathilde of Belgium

Princess Letizia -The Spanish princess

Lady Frederick Windsor

Santa Montefiore and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

photo credits: people magazine

Special Flowers For A Special Mom

Tell mom how much you love her everyday but don't forget to celebrate with these great Mother's Day ideas for gifts, dine out, and unique flowers of course for her special day I'm sure she would appreciate that. Mother's Day is a time of commemoration and celebration for Mom. Make sure to buy her flowers at Raleigh flower delivery that she loves to would have. Here are some great ideas for you..

This Deluxe Mom's Reward contains 12 pink roses, 5 pink alstroemeria, 7 butterfly asters, and greenery. These flowers are carefully hand-picked, tied and shipped fresh from the fields. Flowers arrive in special designed gift box with your personal message.

Other choices is this 24 Long-Stemmed Rainbow Roses; a two dozen long stemmed assorted colorful roses includes deep red to blush pink to delicate salmon tones and bright yellow. These long-stemmed roses are cut, shipped, and packed within days so they will remain bold, beautiful, and fresh when they arrive.

Tulips for Mom? You can sure have this 15 (assorted colors) tulips, stands approximately 14"tall for your mom, there may be no better flowers than this.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Say What?

So grandma phoned me early this evening sharing me her royal wedding party experienced with her friends at the restaurant. She said everybody was dressed up a formal attire. Her friends are so beautiful in their dress and with their hats. She opted not to wear hat though. The food was great, she loves it! They're singing and dancing everybody was having fun. The only thing she complains about is the place was too crowded it's too noisy inside the place, she couldn't even hear their conversations. Okay, grandma don't you think it is time for you now to have an audiometer checkup? I said. We laughed. She knows what I mean.

Royal Wedding of the Year

Grandma went out with her friends to see the Royal Wedding this morning. They were invited by the owner of their favorite restaurant who happens to be an English couple. They have this special event going on in the restaurant for the Royal Wedding viewing on TV, after that they will gonna have their own party too. She's really looking forward on this in fact she was busy preparing for her dress, bag, and shoes to be wear for today's "special" event (at least for the Royals) along with her gals. She talks about this all the time and I thought what's going on here... thought they're part of the wedding entourage.. I don't get it. But after I saw the footage of the wedding tonight I now understand how fun to be involve of this whole thing. Think about the fairytale story its moved us away from the reality which is fun even in just a few moment- rather thinking about the war and tragedy, right? I'm glad grandma went having fun. While I am having so much fun watching the videos online.

She looks stunning in her Alexander McQueen wedding dress. Simple yet so class, so elegant. Very beautiful.

Most girls dreamt to be a princess and to have fairytale wedding. Kate Middleton just had that.

What a beautiful couple, aren't they?

Hope they will lived happily ever after..
photo sources: people magazine

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Turtle Beach

My nephew's celebrating his birthday last week, and he asked me a gift- actually two gifts to be precise. His father bought him two years ago a portable PSP3 with tons of games in it. Last year I gave him a memory stick to save more games, and he loves it. Now he's asking me to buy a turtle beach I didn't know what it was, thought he wants to celebrate his birthday party at the beach. He explains to me that it is a brand name of the stuff he wants me to get for his birthday. He wants to have a video gaming headset and a usb sound card for his PlayStation. So that what's it was... a computer game accessories. Now I know.

He in fact gave me idea where to find this stuff. Told me to check them out at Hehehe He's so persistent you know.. :)

Here are what I have found out about turtle beach products:

Turtle 2130 Ear Force PX21 Video Gaming Headset for PlayStation 3 (PSP3) gaming experience to a new level with superior stereo sound, crystal-clear communication on the PlayStation Network through a USB connection.

Turtle Beach Amigo II USB Sound Card- this adds a stereo output and mic input to a Mac or PC and converts a standard headset into a USB headset because it uses a USB digital connection.

HCG Program

I feel fat even though I'm not. My BMI (Body Mass Index) is normal but my arms and belly are have extra fat, I don't think this is normal so I decided to exercise the other day. I did upper and lower body strengthening exercises for an hour. I thought, I would faint! Almost. Hehehe Been a while though since I did that full body exercise, and my fault was I didn't warm up before to start that's why my body is soring much until now. I couldn't even walk or go up and down the stairs.. very hard! You know, sometimes I thought of enrolling the hcg weight loss program for an easy way to loss these extra fats just to get away from this hard exercise.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fries and Stormy

random post..

I like anything plain fries that means no flavor. You know how some fries have bacon and cheese on it or whatsoever-- I don't like those. But somehow I manage to try this spicy (just a bit spicy) fries and I like it. :)

She's obsess of food and water that's why she watches her bowls all the time... until she slept in it literally! Hahaha. She hardly breath like that, and of course I rescued her by taking her face off from it. Poor thing.

Hot Spring Spa

We're currently facing a lot of trouble shooting right now- I'm not talking about our computers, its about our kitchen sink, toilet, a/c, and our hot spring spa. Can you imagine how much it'll be cost to fix them all? It might be a lot of money! Thanks to our ever reliable friend who always there to rescue us every time we needs his help. He came with his tools and et voila our kitchen sink, toilet, and a/c are now fix! The only thing he could not fix as of the moment is our hot spring spa. He found the hot spring circulation pumps of it broken.

Once we have the parts he will be then fix it. From his recommendation we found PRISCO the largest spa retailer in the tri-state area where  they carry high quality hot tubs, saunas, and spas since 1986, not only that they also sell superior quality hot spring spa parts that we needed for our hot spring spa circulation pump.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Picnic and Trails at Sherwood Forest Park

Yesterday at Sherwood Forest Park- we had a picnic over here as we celebrated Easter Sunday away from the crowded beach. As I said before our city has over 43 parks, the city government always improves the parks and amenities, and we love to take advantage of it by going to nature trails for a long walk or a jog. Sometimes we brings our food to have a breakfast in one of our many parks. Quite lovely to hang around just talking and watching people while having our breakfast in the park. And that's what we exactly did yesterday. The weather permit us to stay a little longer because it was lovely outside.

This park is quite interesting. Coral Springs is a beautiful suburban area of Fort Lauderdale (our downtown) that means we are away from the hustle-bustle-big size city. Even though CP is a small size city  but it can be also traffic in the main road where the malls and many establishments area are. But if you are in Sherwood Forest Park it seems like you're in the country side of the world. Although the surrounding area are where the high-end subdivision and condos but the place is so quite with lots of trees! This is what I like about Florida the government preserves the plants, trees and flowers so that the locals can enjoy them.

Cheap Ink

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cleaning and Total Restoration in South Florida

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Snap it: Magnolia Flowers

While my husband and I jog this morning we spotted a magnolia tree at the sidewalk in our neighborhood. The flowers are smells so good, so fresh! On the way home I picked one to bring home.. and now, she's on my vanity table. I love how she brought fresh smells in our private lavatory. :)


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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lady Gaga - The Diva

This is why Lady Gaga become so successful in her time because she's true to her fans, smart, strong woman, and so talented. A true Diva. Of course some of her attitudes are unlikeable but that what makes her become a Lady Gaga.  Being real to herself is something I like about her. Inspiring....

Education Programs

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Country Waffles in Handford

I was in Handford, California visiting my then newlywed friend when I had these crepes with scrumble eggs in it, waffles with blueberries jam and whip cream, and bacon  for my breakfast at Country Waffles Restaurant. I opted out the coffee instead I had fresh squeeze-juice for my drinks.

This is what the typical breakfast in the USA, and so as the large portion of foods serving. As much I love this food unfortunately my stomach giving up to finish the whole thing. All in all this was a great meal during my trip in North Cali  as I'm not too much of a heavy breakfast eater. What a good ice breaker though.

Travel period: June 2008

Monday, April 18, 2011

Car Transport Company

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They provide auto shipper service for individuals, corporations, military, and to many new and used car dealers nationwide. Get and compare free car shipping quotes now! And see for yourself how easy and cost effective it is to get the level of service that you deserve.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Traveltime: The Roads of Los Angeles

I am revisiting the photos in my Picasa albums of my very first trip in California back in 2008. I have tons of it that haven't been able to post blog here since then.

When in California I can get enough of the hills and palm trees (great for photos op!) while I was on the road driving with my girlfriend. They are simply, naturally charming. If California is like a woman, she has a curvy body (attractive) unlike Florida (a flatland) is just plain.  

Travel period: June 2008

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Snap it: Meow

Spotted at my girlfriend neighbor's home.
circa 2008

Business Advertising Online

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Coco Mademoiselle

is the perfume I love to wear almost everyday. I just couldn't get enough of this smell very classy not the usual smell of a flower, and not even strong. It just right for me. You know how Chanel makes classy merchandises so that what it is. Love it.

Sharing from

Credit or Debit

Whether you believe me or not I don't have personal credit cards until now- though am the extended card holder of my husband, and that's it. We're basically not typical Americans who carries credit cards left and right. My husband taught me not to abuse our credit line instead we pays most of our purchases through debits except we purchase online and or when we travel local or abroad. My husband was born and live his whole life here in the USA I don't know where he got his being frugal from. :) I'm just saying..

Yes, I like having no chunk of bills every month, it gives me worries free.

I am been receiving more letters in our mail box almost every week for a long time now from the major credit card companies offering me a pre-approval to apply for a credit card from them. They offers me a very resistible credit cards on platinum and gold credit lines. As of now, I am really thinking to get one cause I have to build up my credit credibility in case I need for a loan in the future. Who knows maybe I would buy a house somewhere someday. :)

But before anything else I have to know which financial company has offer good services such as 0% balance transfer, low APR, and has no annual fee. Thankfully I found this finance forum to provides me credit reviews from any financial companies, useful options and search features for my peruse.

We shall see.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Web Host

There is so much going on with me today cause I am currently in the process of creating another website (my personal domain this time) that's why I need web hosting for this new project. I understand that this cost me money but I know the definite advantages of dedicated server hosting since I have more control over this, and it tends to be more secure.

I find superbnet offers extremely fair of managed hosting services as they are able us to choose a specific location, ot they can operate in multiple datacenters to provide site mirroring, disaster recovery, or geographic load balancing between each dedicated server. Not only that they are also offering me a 100% Uptime guarantee for rack colocation spaces include 20 Amps of 110V power and a fully burstable FastEthernet uplink with 10Mb/s of HopOne Internet IP transit.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

There's Before Sunrise before Before Sunset

What a clueless. I have none at all. I didn't know that there's Before Sunrise before Before Sunset movie of Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy. I just found out while I'm watching the trailer. Duh!

This is what happened.

I saw Before Sunset (2004) movie last year via Netflix. Love the story, and the scene is very romantic. Didn't know that this is the sequel ...

of this movie Before Sunrise (1995). Now, I have to watch the first series of this movie in order to understand the beginning of their love stories. Bummer.

Laptop Storage

The laptop cart with heavy duty wheels- my husband ask me to search for us to buy for his office equipment, and I just found this product at elaptopcarts while I'm browsing the Net awhile ago.

In the imaging business like what my husband been doing for living we need to have the laptop storage security (like this one) that we've looking for to store those important documents imaged and to secure so those pesky burglars won't try to take them from us. Good thing is elaptopcarts carry all the top manufacturers of laptop storage products (laptop carts), as well as the latest styles, and materials. They also offer a very lower price that fits our budget.

iWant : Topshop Lace Dress

I'm loving this lace Topshop white dress. Cute!
Taylor and Kate are so chic on this dress. So lovely.
source: people magazine

Monday, April 11, 2011

Online Pharmacy

Online shopping is awesome. I can directly buy goods or services from a seller (domestic or abroad) in real-time over the Internet. I shop mostly of my clothes online cause I get huge deal compare at the retail stores. Recently I bought our prescription medicines through online via canadian pharmacy cause I can save even more. I choose them to buy nexium for my husband's medicine (is a meds effective in preventing gastric ulcers caused by infections) cause they're safe and affordable. They're online pharmacy is fully licensed, and is approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), an organization in Canada that has created a licensure program to certify online Canadian Pharmacies that provide pharmacy services to international customers. No doubt they are legit.

Since they offer top-quality medications at low prices my mother-in-law will also consider to buy fosamax (used to treat or prevent) for her osteoporosis to them.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Invest in Gold

If (only if) something happens of my job I'll probably transfer my 401k to 401K gold from my current pension plans provider to Aurum Advisors who understand the importance of providing protection of our assets, especially in such an uncertain world. I may not have enough savings in my pension plans to buy gold IRA for now maybe in 15 years from now. In my perspective Gold is perhaps the world's most liquid investment trading throughout the world. We can buy and sell Gold in any country at any time, and has been a proven method of preserving  value. Gold as well has become the number one alternative for IRA so if you want to do gold IRA transfer to invest more and more Aurum Advisors has an unrivaled track record that you can count on this. They have been in this business over a decade now and still is doing pretty well. 

Wedding Invitations

Not from me though. I already wed (for 5 years now), wait till we reach our silver wedding anniversary we'll renew our vows by the beach, and I'll throw out a party. I'll invite you all. He he Kidding aside, my friends from invitations styles dot com are currently releasing their new full line of wedding invitation cards, such as classic style, modern and elegant wedding invitations, and the like. In addition to that my friends are also accept custom wedding invitations available that can personalize to suit your own styles.

For those women who loves pink this Exquisite Pink Flowers style is for you. The captivating black background with pink pansies for decoration makes this theme looks very elegant. I'm pretty sure you're family and friends would love to have this card for keeps.

Who would not like to be wed at the beach, would you? It can't be deny that the beach wedding is romantic for the couples. This is just the perfect card to know your family and friends the romantic seaside wedding you'll gonna be have.

We all know how dry the economy is now, but despite of all that though you still want to get marry with the person whom you wanna spent the rest of your life, that's why our friend's offering discount wedding invitations to help lessen your budget. This is one of many hot sale cards they have right now. If you are interested visit their site-

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Duck Lovers in the Park

Spotted them when we jogged at the park last weekend. They're behind at the public restrooms where the bushes are, ducks and swans are everywhere in that place, they are so adorable. Meanwhile, these couples are seems don't want to be bother I reckon  since no other ducks around them. Because my husband and I are very curious I went nearer them to see what they are up to. I then saw the hen is hatching eggs (they'll gonna have babies!) while the drake (her other half) guarding her from the predators and or watching her needs. Aw, sweet...

Parks are indeed a place for lovers.

Snap it : Stormy Weather Sky

As much as i love to sky watch, and take snaps anything from it but with the intensity of bad weather sometimes cringe me out. The other day we had storms. The clear sunny day turned out dark so quickly, and the wind was so strong. Before rain comes I hurriedly capture of the sky.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Lovely Fire Pit

One time my friend invited me for a pool party of her other friend because she bought a new fire pit, and wanted us to show how cool it is. I have seen numerous fire pits in the past but what she has is very unique and looks elegant just like in the photo below. I must say, they really have a good taste. While we're at the patio hanging out with friends the ambiance was so warm even though the weather is cold. I kind a love it. If only I have backyard at home I'll consider to buy this because I can imagine myself hanging out so often in the backyard with the husband and dog.

Stumbled upon this video a while ago.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Le Cortecce- Simply Pasta

Pasta. I don't know what words to describe you. All I know is *i heart* you. :)

Pasta is a popular choice in mostly Europe and even in North America as well as it is easy to cook and be eaten in so many different ways. It is also  no doubt a delicious food. In my house pasta is our usual meal we never gets tired of it. I hoard different kinds and shapes of pasta such as Angel Hair, Fettucine, Ziti, Lasagna, Jumbo Shells, Penne Rigate, Rotini, Marigold Flower, including my recent find Le Cortecce (see above picture). Cook them according to whatever dish that's best of it. Sometimes I'd love to play by creating a new recipe of my pasta, fortunately, my husband loves most of my cook! he he

Cortecce with Shrimps and Baby Marrows
For this particular pasta 'Le Cortecce' the label has recipe on it so I thought it's interesting so I was inspired to cook by it.  Very easy to make as easy as one-two-three. 

Cortecce with make-belive-ground meat 

I also cook this pasta for my vegan husband using a make-believe-ground meat for the sauce. I don't use tomato sauce its all about extra virgin olive oil, herbs, lemon juice, salt and pepper. It all came out good. But the pasta is really the best, and is worth the money we paid for it. By eating this I won't worry our health (besides we have NC health insurance to cover us) but buy choosing the right food I feel comfortable.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Nature's Basin- Organic Skin Care Products

Aha! I found it!! I've been looking of skin care product to get rid off the whiteheads around my nose area. I tried so many different facial cleansers already but the blemishes still remains. Because I have such an oily skin and didn't use the right soap on it my pores are ridiculously open. I just learn from one of my reading magazines about the skin care regimens for a certain skin types that for oily skin (such as mine) should use the foam facial cleanser instead of cream with salicylic acid in it. Now I know. I now change my facial cleanser from creamy to foam. That was it, from then on I follow what I have learned. My quest of getting the right skin care products are still going on I need to refine my open pores, and I think Nature's Basin products are great because they are all made of organic ingredients.

This Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser has 95% certified organic ingredients, soap-free natural skin care face cleanser to bring out soft, glowing, and healthy complexion results for any skin type. I should try this.

and then here's the Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry Facial Mask helps gently exfoliates dead surface cells, then the cool and refreshing clay base extracts impurities from deeper in the the skin.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Wanderlust at the Park

It was lovely warm and breezy outside yesterday, perfect for a long walk and a jog at the park so off we went! As I said Coral Springs (where I live) have plenty of public parks Betty Stradling is the biggest of them all. It has baseball parks, basketball courts, soccer/volleyball parks, children playground area, there are bar tools for stretching and cardio exercise, a man-made canals for some animals like ducks, turtles, and fish. There are many trees for the birds and for people and the ducks to shade underneath. Some folks love to bring bread to feed the ducks been there waiting for food. Unfortunately we forgot to bring our share. I felt so bad for them. Next time I promise.

Our local government maintains our parks pretty well. It is clean and safe. Their purpose is to encourage the locals to have time to walk, jog, play, picnic and relax for a healthy lifestyle. This is what I like to live here - it has great environment.

You know what? I had a blast staring at the blue water. hehe


When I traveled in Hong Kong for the first time I was really sceptical to go because of their language. I don't know any words of Hong Kong locals language/dialects that's why I'm kind a worried on how to communicate with the locals and to read street signs. Fortunately, HK locals that I've encountered tried to speak English, and majority of the streets signs have an English translations on it so I was relief. I kind a wonder to those world travelers who venture outside of tourist areas encounter communications difficulties with locals on how they make it through, I guess they hired translator at the translation services in that area especially when we traveled Europe, oh boy, every countries have their own languages.. it's kind a tough.

Also for those companies involved in international business who needs document translation in order to communicate world wide they must consider the translia services online. They deliver the translation in the same file type as the source files. It's very easy to use, simple, and fast. √úbersetzungsdienst translate it now!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Snap It: Ducks

This morning the husband and I jog in the park. Coral Springs have numerous parks and we choose the Betty park at our neighborhood where we can see plenty of different kind of ducks. They're so adorable. Love them.


I used to follow NBA when I was high school during the time of the great Micheal Jordan. I remember am collecting basketball cards of my favorite NBA stars before. In fact I dreamt being in the Chicago Bulls stadium watching the game I thought it was cool however I lived in the Philippines so I know it was all of my dreams. Sometimes I was thinking how can I go to Chicago and buy a Chicago Bulls Tickets to see MJ. I know it will never gonna happen. Now that I move and live here in Florida watching basketball is no more my like since my husband's a baseball fanatic. I love baseball, yes I follow the games. But majority of my friends are basketball fanatics whenever they have a chance they watch the game at the stadium. They always gets cheap Boston Celtics Tickets, Dallas Mavericks Tickets, Houston Rockets Tickets, etc.  Honestly, I still do wanna watch basketball of Miami Heat...I really do, maybe in the right time when my friends would invite me to go with them. And oh, I would also like to get Los Angeles Lakers Tickets to see Kobe Bryant. Someday, maybe. Who knows!

Creamy Ice Cream

Whoever invented ice cream is a genius.  It makes my tummy happy. It completes my day. My freezer is never running out of ice cream in a different flavors and brands. Sometimes it scared the heck out of my husband cause he thought of too much sugar. Diabetes attack! Not!! I don't consume them in just one sitting. I can't even eat a pint of ice cream in one day. Luckily my sugar blood is normal. It just a matter of discipline ya know.. He he!

Good thing about USA we have abundant of different food choices. Every thing is POSSIBLE here. Amazing. And that's why I moved here to search the best ice cream in the world. He he. What I'm saying is that here in America we can buy a non-dairy ice cream (Tunnies and Whole Foods are selling this kind) if you are health conscious or vegetarian there's an ice cream's made of soy which is taste good also. I had tried it many times but my taste buds doesn't satisfied of just soy, it has to have a dairy cream. I know, I'm bad.