Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tropical Home

Growing up in a tropical country (Philippines) where there are more than 7000 islands and the beaches are just beautiful I can imagine myself living there again. I love beaches and love a house that is made of woods or bamboos. Anything something like the first photos below. The roofing are made of thatch reed- thatching is a craft that has taken many years to perfect, and has become extremely durable and versatile. It makes the house cool especially in the tropical country. A house like this is also perfect in Florida where I can built it near at the beach. Oh, that must be wonderful...

Anyways, I took these photos during our vacation last 2007 at one of the posh beach island hotel in the Philippines.

This is the other side of the room. Look at those furniture its made of bamboo( just the way I like it).

This is the view we had- a paradise!! The hotel rooms we stayed in is literally on the water.

How about this thatch reed umbrella, doesn't it cool? My husband enjoyed hanging out there while relaxing. I want to have this in our house really just like this one with so many palm thatch panels to give us more shades.

J. Crew

This is what I love J. Crew their clothing designs are just the way I like. Very classic.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Every time I visit Philippines I try to stay over for couple of days in Makati before I fly back here in Florida. I like Makati than Manila City- the are around are mostly clean and new. The shopping center are superb. Love Greenbelt. My husband and I love to try dining at the restaurants over there in Greenbelt. They have plenty of different kind of cuisines the restaurant there has to offer. We love Vietnamese, Japanese, and of course Filipino food. The hotels there are more gorgeous and big. The rooms are pretty clean- I bet the Room Director Jobs did great of keep it neat. Oh I miss Makati. Last February I took a bereavement leave to go to Philippines- my dear father died. And I missed visiting Makati instead I stayed in Manila cause the airport is nearby and I only have a day to stay over there.So hopefully next time when I go back to visit my family in the Phils I will make sure to stay in Makati to shop, dine and have fun.

Jennifer Lopez Home

This will be a great inspiration for interior designs. Like her, the house is absolutely glam.  

image source

SJP Loves New York (Part 2)

Love her....

Sarah Jessica Parker Loves New York (Part 1)

Tired Eyes

I have a feeling that my eyes are slowly deteriorating from abuse by doing a lot of staring at the computer monitors lately from home and work. I rarely take my break time now just to finish my work (lurking my computer), and when I'm home from work I do my usual routine lurking my computer again (surfing the net and blogging) before I go to bed. I'm afraid people would look at me like a raccoon - I have black circles around my eyes already! And my eyes are now quickly gets tired. *sigh*

Practically speaking, our eyes are the windows through which we view the world around us. I should do something to take care of it.  I'm also thinking to get a prescription sunglasses and or monitor screen protector like da lite screens perhaps, what am I talking about those da lite are for screen projector. Hehe Anyways,  I think I need to start shutting down my eyes early on bed now.

Monday, August 29, 2011

VMA 2011 - Lady Gaga and Beyonce

Last night VMA show was not that spectacular compare from their previous year shows. Maybe I'm not that young anymore to like pop, hip-hop music nowadays. I don't know... maybe its' just me.  In fairness Lady Gaga got me, with all do respect to her I honestly like her performance last night. She is really a great performer and a singer. She can sing very well unlike Britney Spears. She can sing a high-note and can play instruments as well. Meanwhile, Beyonce is the greatest. She's awesome. Her voice is so wonderful. Genuine. I do also like her performance last night. Oh gosh.. she's amazing on stage. So there... my two favorite performers I think who only did great last night. Other than that.. they're crappy. :( 

Gaga in character as Jo Calderone

Beyonce is showing her baby bump.
image source

Home Security

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The Steam Team

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Kettle- Nacho Cheese Chips

My not so guilty pleasure snacks I found (well, actually my husband originally found it) at Tunnies. It has all natural ingredients in it plus, cholesterol free. That's why I love it.... :)

Guilty Pleasure: Macaron Paris

The search is finally over. I now found a store who makes and sell macaron de Paris, and Whole Foods that is! Yap, at Whole Foods here where I live has that macarons that I am longing for. I finally taste it. I tried two flavors- the chocolate and lemon, it is oh-so-goooood! This will be my new favorite pastries now. I can't wait to get more and try the other flavors' Whole Foods has. Gastronomic I am.. :)

Online Degree Programs

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

My eats: Japanese Sushi Roll

One of my favorite Japanese foods are sushi rolls other than seaweeds, ramen, yakitori, sashimi (I grew up eating this) and their rice cakes. There's more out there I have yet to try. I'll explore it one of this day. Last night I went to grab sushi rolls at Japanese/Chinese buffet for to go. I had this scrumptious sushi rolls. I love these particular ones - tuna with avocado

fried tuna roll with cheese

california rolls and fried vegetable rolls.

Writing this about makes me drool and wanna drive up there to get some more right now. OK, let me go.. :)

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Pool Covers

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Kitchen and Home

Part of me is like to keep the house neat and clean. Home is my refuge, where I can relax, where I can do my hobbies (cooking and decorating) when I am bored. Home staging is what I would love to do something for my house more so often especially after I saw a new home interior designs or accessories on TV or magazine that I like. That didn't happen. Its just all in my quirky mind. Besides I don't have fats bank account to do whatever I want nor have trees of money. Hehehe I'll wait when my financial bank is stable enough so I can splurge some on these enclume pot racks that I would love to have for my kitchen....

This enclume pot rack freestanding 6-tier cookware stand organize our pots and pans in a single, easy to reach location. The style adds elegance and class to our decor, doesn't it? This is great to showcase our fine cookware, and create a focal point that is a warm and fun gathering place for our family and friends.

Also, I love this enclume premier low ceiling oval pot rack-stainless steel style. It displays pots, and cooking utensils conveniently and ergonomically in this charming oval enclume pot rack.

By the way, enclume potracks is your one-stop destination of premiere metal products big or small for your kitchen and home.

Home Inspiration

Basic colors like white is my favorite color in a house. These home styles are very elegant. *Sigh*

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Steel Lockers to Keep Documents Safe

Ever since we heard the news about the possible coming of Hurricane Irene in South Florida this week our company management call our attentions for some task to do before the hurricane's happen. Our department  is the one who keeps all the contracts in the office lockers we have from our clients. These contracts are very important to us without this we have no business, no jobs.

Anyway, if the hurricane hit us the rising water causes flood , and we don't wanna lose our thousands of documents because of that so we need to work double time on filing the documents back in the steel lockers at our office third floors. I am very tired right now. There still more to go- we're not even there yet! And I also have to cleanup my personal locker too. Yeah, this hurricane thing is so stressful. Oh well, we all got to do what we need to do. Sigh.

Hurricane Irene Didn't Bother Florida Yet

Heavy rain, thunder and not so strong wind came to wake up us this morning. Below photos was taken this morning at 10 before 9. The sun is hiding from us- it was wet, dark and gloomy outside. In my mind I thought this is it the hurricane is here. Thankfully it didn't happen. The rain stopped at noon. I feel very lucky and bless. Thank God. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vincent van Gogh

I love to look at the images than reading. Though I like to read but I have to stay under the sun so I won't fell asleep right away. Yeah, what a shameless revelation I have done here. Hehehe That's true. The fact is whenever I read a magazine I flip through the pages to look at the photos first before anything else. My attention of details is already been proven may times thus I can tell  which photo is distorted in a nutshell. :) I love taking pictures too unfortunately I have not fully work on it in order to develop my skills. I only know the basics.

So much on that.. anyway, when it comes to art- painting is closest to my heart aside photography. I just like to look at the paint not to draw. I have no talent and obviously don't know how to do it. For me painting is hard especially if you can paint a self-portrait, only van Gogh can do that! :) Ahh... Vincent Willem van Gogh the Dutch Master of art, a Post-Impressionist painter whose work had influence to many artist on 20th century even until now is truly an inspiration. He was amazing.

This is van Gogh's self-portrait paint
image source: google images

Hurricane Irene: Please Go Away!

I'm so mean to her, I know... but then again we don't need her here. Let the calm weather alone. Though we have some good news today about Irene not heading this way here in Florida tomorrow but the local people including myself are preparing for a possible turning back. The grocery stores and gasoline stations are pack people are buying stuff just in case for emergency. Who knows..

Meanwhile,  tonight is calm no thunder, lightning, and rain. The kind of weather I like. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mark Wahlberg - From Funk to A Great Actor

Mark Wahlberg is one of my fave Hollywood actor. I started to like him ever since I saw the Boogie Nights movie. I like him as an actor. But, I can honestly tell you that I am not an avid follower nor go crazy in every single thing he does. However, upon watching his interviewed on TV (I forgot the channel.. my bad) a couple of weeks ago my respect as a person towards him change.  I then learned that Mark was a trouble maker during his youth. He was in the jail in-and-out multiple times and was convicted of a murder at age 16. He served his sentence in the jails and was out after 2 years. And the rest are history...

After all he turned to be a musician. He led the Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch hip-hop group. Their first single Good Vibrations turn hits in the early 90s. Who can't forget that song? So funky!

And then he became a Calvin Klein underwear model. Hmmm... the physique, so impressive! No wonder why. :)

He's very known as an actor worldwide (unless you're an avid fan who follows his career since). He's great in this movie' The Fighter. It has a very interesting story. I thought he could win an award for this particular movie in Oscar or Golden Globe unfortunately the other actors brought the trophy home. And that was that, the one-hit-wonders turned to be a great actor now.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Outdoor Furnitures at TerraboundSolutions

When it comes to outdoor furniture, playground equipment, dog park equipment, site amenitiest (like Park Benches, Sport Benches, Bike Racks, etc..) there is nothing but the best TerraboundSolutions has to offer. They've been in this business for a decade now and still is providing of premium quality products and services up to now. The following products (below) are one of my favorite from their collections.

This Heavy Duty Square Portable Picnic Tables and Chairs unique design has a specific unique look that no other has, and is part of the Naturals Collection they have.

Oh how I love this colorful Adirondack chairs. The size is so perfect for our upstairs patio cause its not too big. Of course these beautiful chairs can only be buy at terraboundsolutions dot com. These wood chairs have the best quality polyurethane paint and premium quality lumbers (including cedar, mahogany, and pine) that are built to last.  

This playground equipment is designed to meet the developmental and creative of younger children. It is easy to assemble design and its indoor or outdoor use. This Tot Town Fun Center is a truly universal enjoyment center for your children rain or shine.

Taiko (Drum) Performance at Bon Festival

One of the highlights at Bon Festival was the Taiko performance (Taiko means Drum). I was looking forward to watch it. When I finally see the performers do the show it was very amazing... Love every single beat of the drums.  Very unique.  

Sounds wonderful. Just like this one in the video...


Friday, August 19, 2011

Medical Scrubs

Summer is almost over that means school classes will start soon. I'm sure many kids are excited to go back to school in fact many parents are now preparing to buy the school supplies that their kids will be needed. I know it's hard again to adjust our body routine from waking up late everyday on the summer to waking up early in the morning when the school starts. But school is fun! Reuniting with the classmates and friends is so exciting, isn't it? Speaking of excitement, aren't we excited to go back to school this season because our parents bought us new clothes, shoes, bags, and school supplies? Yap, that's right! I'm pretty sure most mom are out there in the mall taking advantage of the Tax Free this Summer.

Not only kids and teens needed to buy a new stuff for this school season, college students too! All students I must say are need to prepare before the school starts. For those of you medical students who needs to buy the scrubs this online store site is right for you. They offer one of a kind signature lab coat or any professional medical scrubs uniform may need.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bon Festival

The festival of Obon or Bon was held at Morikami Japanese Garden in Delray Beach last Saturday. Dear hubby and I attended it for the first time. There were sea of people, the venue was so packed but it was great- we had a blast. Anyway, Obon is one of the most important Japanese traditions. They believe that their ancestor's spirits comes back to their homes to be reunited with their family during Obon and pray for the spirits.

Toro Nagashi (floating lanterns) is a tradition often observed during Obon. They send off their ancestor's spirits with the lanterns, lit by a candle inside and floated down a river to ocean.

Bon Odori (folk dance) is also widely practiced on Obon nights. They wear yukata (summer kimono) and dance around a yagura stage.

Anyone can participate in Bon Odori, so I joined the circle along with other people and imitate the dance steps of Bon Odori. It's fun! :)

And then the fireworks to end the festival.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pippa Middleton's Style

Like her sister Princess Catherine Middleton, Pippa is physically fit and gorgeous. Look at those muscles, they're fab! No wonder she could carry whatever dresses she put on. Love her style. :)