Friday, September 30, 2011

Walden Online University

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Sweet Tomatoes Fresh Salads

Last Sunday, MIL and grandma were treat me a lunch to celebrate my advance birthday so we all went at Sweet Tomatoes.
Not only Sweet Tomatoes makes good soups but also fresh salads, fresh from the oven baked goods, hot pasta, and low fat frozen yogurts (for dessert). It's a buffet restaurant only cook salads, soups and bake goods but what I don't understand is they are not allow us to go back for more salads. Bake goods, soups and dessert yes we can get them as much as we can have. That's why I always get two plates to fill up more of my favorite salads. Even though I eat more salads at one time but that doesn't gets my stomach's bloated. 

Anyway, I fill up my two plates with the followings..

Azteca Taco w/ Turkey - haven't try this Mexican salad before so I decided to give it a try. Though my taste buds doesn't like it cause it's spicy (I don't like anything hot and spicy) I still manage to ate a quarter of it. It taste OK is just that spicy.

Tuna Tarragon Pasta Salad and Caesar Salad Asiago - these two are my all time favorite. So yum!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Canada Online Pharmacy

Since my mother is diabetic she has to take a medication regularly, an insulin particularly. Like many hormones, insulin is a protein no wonder my mother looks physically great compare when she wasn't taking insulin before. Without insulin my mother looks very ill that's why she has to take a shot every single day. Insulin is not cheap so I have to ask my sister who lives in Canada to help me provide my mom's needs. Besides my sister can buy canada drugs (like insulin and over-the-counter medicines) a safe and a very affordable price easily accessible at their canadian pharmacy anytime for our mom. She'll buy it and can be send via shipping to my mom in the Philippines because my sister has a discount prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs at any canada pharmacy online or in-store because Canadian Pharmacy Meds is the most trusted certified mail-order pharmacies, serving over 250,000 patients worldwide, they strive to provide their patients with quality brand and generic medications at savings of up to 90%.. That way my mother can save more money.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pho Bo Dac Biet- Special Beef Noodle Soup

Was at Vietnamese restaurant.

Today is my birthday,  a big hurray for me!! I feel so special my family and friends make my heart big. They always make my special day very very special that I will always remember.  Not to mention my husband who tried his best to surprise me and makes me happy. He's the best gift I have. Tonight my husband bought me a dinner at the Vietnamese restaurant (which I requested) nearby. I love soup, we both are. One can not miss to have a soup is from Vietnam- the Pho that is. Vietnamese Pho noodle soup is to-die-for. I had a Pho Bo Dac Biet Special Beef Noodle Soup- this soup is deserve to have a 5stars. The broth taste so good. All the ingredients are fresh. Love, love love this soup. Their exotic fruit smoothies are great as well. Next time I wanna try their passion fruit. I have no camera with me totally forgot to bring it, so no photos to show the food I am just talking about. When I come back over there next time I'll make sure to bring a camera.


A Quality Bike Racks

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Old Photos from the Farm

Revisiting my photo albums in Picasa, sorts out some of the miscellaneous old photos and deleted those are not important for me. Can't believe how many photos I accumulate now. Hundreds of albums! Thanks to digital camera- it keeps me snapping all the time without worrying of film.  Funny when I saw some old pics from old days with family, friends and myself how young and silly we were. Oh I miss old days.

But when I saw these photos again it gives me an idea to revisit in Tradewinds Park. I needed fresh air, I want to relax in the farm this weekend. I wanna see the animals over there again. I miss Josie my favorite horse. One of the farm steel buildings where Josie live. I also wanna know if he's still alive.

Take a look inside the farm house-- it looks eerie but I like the old look. A little manicure here and there is only need to keep the house look more homey. 

Yves Delorme Fine Linens

Like any other parents my in-laws is preparing gifts for my wedding anniversary next month. They know I love surprises and know that I am practical as well. So they ask me what type of present I'd like them to buy for me. This way they won't have headaches from thinking and guessing of something I want that they don't know, and ended up wasting money and time for something I don't like. Rather telling them straight for something I want is makes everybody happy.

I like yves delorme linens product I have their pillows that is light and is very comfortable. It made of the finest quality batiste.

 This time I like to have bed linens that I needed for so long. Don't have budget for it besides I know I get gifts for my wedding anniversary from family.

Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes- The Soup

The name says it all. At Souplantation they offer but the best soups into the highest level. I've tried the Panera's soup a couple of times but I never look back ever since I have try the Souplantation soups. Their Around the World in Eight Tasty Weeks- they picked four countries known for their exquisite cuisine and brought all the flavors home to you, makes me come back. All cook fresh and very tasty. This month special cuisine is from Mexico. Of course they always remain their house specialty food for more choices such as broccoli soup, tomato and onion soup, chicken soup, and among others.

When I was there recently these were soups that I had.

Chicken Enchilada (Mexican) Soup- this is oh-so-good. love it.

Albondigas Locas (Mexican) Soup- this is too spicy for me although it taste great.

Senate Bean Soup- is yum! no wonder why the senates still love to eat this.

Cup Saucer

Thought of sharing this slogan I found at the restaurant I went for lunch with the husband last weekend. They use this as cup saucer. I think it is pretty clever.

Ovation- The Best Riding Boots

Autumn is officially here that means I have to change my wardrobe that are essential for fall and winter. I don't have a pair of boots, and right now I look for one brand that has quality and affordable. There are lovely equestrian boots by renowned maker Ovation. I learn about the best riding, hiking boot and shoe choices for men and women at theequestriancorner online. They have wide selection of some of finest women's leather boots are made using speciality construction for safety, support and comfort, like this one.

Not only that they're selling shoes but also winter wear, coats, show shirts, equestrian clothing, sock, gloves, sleepwear and accessories. They really know about the comfort.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Colby Portable Infrared Heater for Winter

A fireplace can be a fine amenity on a home for aesthetic value and also for generating heat. Traditional fireplace burn wood but electric fireplaces are modern alternatives that create light with bulbs that look almost identical to real flames. With electric fireplaces you can now have all the appearance and warmth of the fireplace without the danger. The portable infrared heater can put it anywhere in your house either in a lobby, bedrooms, living rooms, or even in a kitchen. The Colby Portable Infrared Heater features; quickly warms a room up to 1000 sq.ft., delivered fully- assembled & ready to heat thermostat automatically controls room temperature, air purifying function through efficient filter and is safe for children and pets. Visit for more details.

Time and Work

Wow, another day has gone by,  the month of September is almost over. Where did  the time go? When we're busy from our job we can't seem notice the time is running fast. Just like today at work, my to do list is over my head, so many request needs to be done ASAP. My other co-worker's doing her routine document scanning job but can't make it finish all the rush projects on time. Obviously she needed some help. And who else she runs into? Me. Yap, she ask me to help her if I want those projects to be finished in due time. I asked her to do it, now she ask me. Duh.. but I understand. I'm a team worker. I don't wanna lift up my own chair just to be praise with the boss if the job is unfinished. Being selfish is not what I do.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My eats: Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon is in season now that's why I grab the opportunity to buy and stock them in the house as it is very cheap. Paid $2.50 for one whole honeydew melon, not bad no? It is so sweet and smell so good.. love this particular smell, so refreshing. One slice is not making me satisfied its just so good.  In fact I'm eating it while writing this post right now. :)

Oh Anthropologie

One of the reason why I love Anthropologie is their unique beautiful clothing design, like these ones here...

For Autumn

Boxy Cables + Slim Pleats 

Crop Top + Wide Leg

Tucked-In + Waist-High

image credit: anthropologie

Eden Mosaic Tile

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pukka- Morning Time Tea

Tea time! and this is what I have this morning. My Pukka morning time keeps my rainy days warm. I feel in love with Pukka- it has many different kinds of unique flavor combination. The herb mixes perfectly together. This is my second Pukka box, one is for detox, second is this morning time that are delicious. It's organic and is made of England.

My cup of hot tea with a bit of drop honey.

The Yankees Win!

image credit: daily news

Some people who knows baseball said the Yankees are overrated, and said the Yankee's owner bought the win. No matter what they say I don't care. If you have money to pay a great player to be in your team why not. These players work hard every single game and they deserve what the money they get.  The Yankees didn't buy the trophies they had in fact they play harder to win it. It is not fair to hate them. As I said I really don't care I know everybody's entitled to their own opinion. And I stick with mine. 

The good news is my team the Yankee's won their division once again they will play this coming postseason. Yahooo!! I'm excited.... very excited! I hope they win. Guess I have to watch out. :)

Undermount Sinks

Because outside is wet I have to stay put at home. Took the time to hygiene the entire house instead since MIL and grandma is coming to visit us tomorrow. Dear husband said, I pretty did a good job by cleaning the house, washes the clothes, cook I ask him a reward, massage please! There is no any better than that. Deep massage for an hour is the best. Very relaxing. But before that, I have to do my usual online check first.

Can't live without Internet computer. Who doesn't anyway? Because I'm online I check my favorite stores online they have sale!! Uh-oh I'm in trouble now... shopping is indeed a big trouble especially now we need to help mom to get new undermount sinks and we don't have money for my unnecessary clothes. And because I'm online might as well search online stores for undermount sinks sale.

Needed Abrasives

It rain the whole time today the plants and trees are very happy, after all they needed a shower from the summer heat. Yes I know, summer is just over but not here in Florida- here, the heat is still on! Although not bad cause I rather have hot than cold. I'm sure the plants agree with me. :) And because the plants are having a glory meanwhile I stuck in the house, can't go out to buy abrasives and grocery in store until eventually it stop at 4pm. Happy to go out! The husband needed an abrasive to polish his working table, while I need food for my starving stomach. :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Thinking About Halloween

There are absolute hundreds of ideas for making our own Halloween costume everything from traditional characters to the truly wild and wacky, school girl outfits, couples, kids, infants, costumes from the comic characters, and so much more. I'm not still sure if I can attend of the friend's halloween party next month. Though I have more time ahead of me to think about it, maybe when time comes I'll change my mind. We'll see. For now, let me enjoy my long birthday celebration (starting tomorrow) with my family before anything else.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Breaking Dawn

Honestly, I don't really know what will be the ending of Twilight Saga since I have not read the whole set of the books. I only follow the Twilight Saga movies. That's all. That's why I don't know what to expect for this last series. By watching this trailer, it seems like the couples Bella and Edward will be getting marry in this movie The Twilight Breaking Dawn. Well that is good! I am team Bella-Edward. Both of them makes the story around after all their love makes the whole Twilight series a bomb. And many women like myself in love with them. I would be very happy if they ended up being together in real life! The two are the cutest celebrity couple. I wish Kristen and Robert will soon be engage like in the movie, like many celebrity engagements happened nowadays.Oh well this is all in my mind.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guilty Pleasure: Milk Chocolate with Cappuccino

It may seem a bit strange to hear, but chocolate can actually be good for the health. So there is no ach rules I mean any rules that said all sweets are bad. Hehe Seriously, evidence is mounting that some kinds of chocolate are actually good for you. The antioxidants in dark chocolate protect your heart against aging and has ingredients that lower blood pressure and fight disease. And can also improve your mood. That said, white and milk chocolate is not good. Ouch! I just had milk chocolate with cappuccino (double bad!). I should have learn earlier prior to have this Perugira Italian chocolate. Moving onward on I have to keep an eye on dark chocolate instead.

Who can't resist this? Not me.. I know, it's so sinful! :)

Business Law Attorney

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Park Home

I always wanted to invest for any park model trailers somewhere up north or to other states for recreational or seasonal use only, and or I could rent it out. If only I have the capital to invest there are some great single family mobile home parks out there. And since I don't have the money for that right now, I'll wait until I get retired by that time I'm sure I have some savings to pursue my dream. Doesn't it this home model beautiful? Oh I love to have it with all these plants and trees. Can't wait to retire. :)

Stroller and Accessories

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Gourmet Chocolate

Find wedding anniversary gift for women, men, couples and anniversary gift for girlfriends by unique gift ideas, shop at offer selection of gourmet anniversary gifts, and other indulgence chocolate gifts that are absolutely unique. Send them a gift basket of berries chocolates and cakes that your loved one and friends would enjoy.

Such as...

This delectable assortment of individual serving cheesecake trio and full dozen gourmet fancy berries includes 4 berries dipped in milk with chopped Almonds, 4 berries dipped in dark with dark chocolate chips, 4 berries dipped in white with dark swizzles and 3 mini chocolate cheesecakes.

While this full dozen sugar free berries includes 2 berries dipped in sugar free milk with sugar free dark swizzles, 2 berries dipped in sugar free dark with sugar free milk swizzles, 2 berries dipped in sugar free dark with sugar free white swizzles, 2 berries dipped in sugar free white with chopped Almonds, 2 berries dipped in sugar free with with sugar fee coconut, 2 berries dipped in white with sugar free dark swizzles are perfect for those who watch their weight because it is sugar free.

Oh chocolate mousse torte cake is perfect for my birthday! Ooops....

Loafers from J. Crew

This Darby patent loafer from J. Crew is love. I love to own it! If I have money to buy them these two colors (black and nut) are definitely my pick. So gorgeous, classic and chic can wear with any color clothes.

black patent loafer

nut patent loafer

Monday, September 19, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Today I woke up with discomfort stomach ache up until now. Maybe I ate something that  make my stomach so upset- I have no idea what I have done last night, probably the cake I had. I don't know. All I know is I feel so embarrassed at work to get up from my chair just to have multiple trips to the restroom. The whole day I feel so sick and throwing up the food I had on breakfast. Oh my goodness, I hated it. I hate to be sick before my birthday. It's been like this two years in a row, and I can't help it.

I slept during my lunch break. My stubborn stomach wouldn't accept the food I intake. So disappointed today. And yeah, I stay at work I just couldn't give up like that. I have to work even though I don't feel well. My partner went home early and I have to finish all her job she left on her computer cabinet for me. Gee, thanks! It makes my day.. not! :)

This is who I am- very workaholic. I can't relax unless my job's done. Oh well I need a massage to feel better.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birthday Invitations

Speaking of my dear friend baby's birthday yesterday. I thought she missed to create baby invitations to announced the party of her baby who is turning two to be give away for her expectant guests like myself. Kids Birthday Invitations or any type of events as we all know are essential to have for any celebrants. It is very important for us the guests to know when and where is the party and so as the guests can at least prepare for that special event. It is not fair not knowing about what to expect if once invited. I don't like to feel awkward at all especially when I won't have any gifts to bring for the celebrant. That would be embarrassing.  

I'm just saying, you know.. :)

Grandma's Cheese Board

Grandma gifted me for our early wedding anniversary a very useful item that I can be use at the kitchen.  No, that Martor USA utility knife, it is a cheese board with a tiny knife. I thought this is the most cuteness cheese board I have seen. Love the shape and design of it. The size of the board is perfect for me. I don't think there is any better than this. I love cheese but I try not to eat them regularly as much I would have to because it can be very addictive just like chocolate, and of course I don't wanna gets any health problem as well. 

Anyhow, for I know sure that this cheese board is now my staple whenever my family is having a picnic whether at the park or at the beach from now on. I am thinking to debut this at dinner on my up coming birthday bash with my family.

Personalized Baby Gifts

When my dear friend called me up on the phone yesterday morning for a meet up at her home I didn't hesitate to say no. It's been a while since the last time we see each other and I think this is the best time to catch up some talks. I don't know about you but, for me, having a girl talk sometimes with your trusted friends in person is a great way to unwind from our busy joggling daily  work. She actually didn't tell me earlier on our conversation that she will be going to have a simple birthday party of her baby princess that evening until she message me on the cellphone before I was ready to left home to come over their house. She was telling me not to be shy at her in-laws when I'm at her baby party cause everybody are friendly people. I don't really mind. I can be sociable sometimes when I needed to. But, my problem was the gift I supposed to give her baby. I am not totally prepare for that since I didn't know that was her baby's birthday. If only I knew beforehand I could have bought her the personalized baby gifts like a fairy tale story book, blanket or hat, instead I bought her a gift card. Oh well, it is better than nothing. I'll making up on her next birthday.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Provence France

I wanna wake up in the morning with this view... lavender field in Provence, France. It must be wonderful..

images source: google images

Friday, September 16, 2011

Event Management

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Detox Tea

My new found love tea brand Pukka and is made of England. They have different types of flavor, and this organic aniseeed, fennel & cardamom tea for detox is what I'm currently drinking because I want to cleanse out the toxin from my body. :)

Garden Trellises

One of the most popular uses for trellis fencing is providing a climbing surface for vines (plants with vines such as; beans, tomatoes, peas, etc.) and other types of plants that tend to creep upward. Since vines are not strong enough to support themselves they need the trellis for support. Also, using trellises and vines as simple garden accents, they provide year-round interest and will likely captivate family and friends who visit your garden- likewise, employ garden trellis near your patio for additional accents with lots of visual character. 

There are choices for the different types of trellis. Since the trellis does come in many sizes and shapes, it will also be made from a variety of materials which include: stainless steel, vinyl, wooden, etc. 

This vinyl trellis is what my MIL has, with its graceful arch this type of trellis is the perfect way to showcase your climbing flowers and vines. It is durable UV resistant vinyl, provides finished appearance and is very easy to install and maintain. Plants can flourish on this free standing trellis without the worry of breakage.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Seaweed Salad

Part of my husband's diet is to have a seaweed salad at least twice a week. Sea vegetables has low calorie, and are one of the richest sources of minerals. And this is what he needs especially he's vegan. I really love seaweed too. I grew up eating it and I still love it till now. If I can't get ready-made seaweed at Japanese/Chinese store I try to make it at home using the wakame (dried seaweed).

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Saute Cherry Tomatoes and Black Olives

Sauteed cherry tomatoes, black olives, shallots with a bit of extra virgin olive oil plus balsamic vinegar and soy sauce is my favorite flavor to go with rotini pasta. Obviously to cook is very easy and simple but I like the taste of this dish.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Looking Forward Of Fall

image source: google images

Fall is just around the corner. I smell the air is getting colder this morning so fresh like a fall or winter. And the mist is everywhere on our glass windows. The temperature is started to drop and I can't wait to feel the crisp wind cold as I already done of the summer heat. I love the feeling of holidays season- Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year it gives me so much joy of something to look forward to. And I noticed some of giant merchants are putting up their Christmas decors early this month. I love changing weather, I love four seasons!

My in-laws are almost done buying Christmas gifts. They don't like the rush shopping in a crowded mall on holiday that's why they started as early as possible. What clever idea. I should have done that. But I'm still thinking of what gift to give for my family. I don't know what they like yet. So far online stores and in-stores are having huge discounts for the gadgets such as a tablet computer, cameras, e-reader, clothing, shoes etc. I decided to wait on Black Friday instead. I love to score bargains on Black Friday, I'm pretty sure I'll get stuff for my family on Christmas.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Fashion

Hypothetical: This is what would I wear on Fall.

image source: vogue

Uniqlo cashmere V-neck sweater, QVC FNO scarf,  Topshop cropped smart trousers, H&M women’s long jacket, ASOS Malcolm suede lace-up shoe

via: vogue

Skin Care Products

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Plants vs Zombies

I'm not a type of woman who can sit and play video games the whole time. I'm not into that. On the other hand, my husband loves it. He has some collection of video games dvds. Some of them are gifts from his mother and friends. Not a lot though because he stops buying it now since he wants to enjoy playing with what he has and he's practically busy at work. As a wife I tried my best to share my time to my husband's favorite thing he does - like jogging, watching baseball game, wrestling, movies, and playing video games with him sometimes. I'll tell you he's very competitive. Hehe But he let me win. 

He introduced me the world of plants vs zombies video game recently, and this one I like. It's not that hard to play but you have to be faster and think straight or else the zombies will eats the human brains. The plants job is to fight the zombies in order to protect their masters. I love the sunflowers pop-up so quickly as the plants weapon to use against the zombies. You see, I'm learning. Even my younger sister, niece and nephew love this game. I can see why.

Kate Moss on Vogue

 Vogue U.S. September issue cover girl is none other than Kate Moss. Oh i love her style. September issue of every giant fashion magazines is always a big thing. It is thicker. But that besides the story, what I'm trying to say is about Kate Moss recent wedding - that I really, really like and wish I was her. Its the concept of her wedding that I'm dreaming of. Very classic, simple but elegant, intimate, and the dress is like a fairy. When I saw her wedding photos on I feel like to re-post it here for my own eye candy. Its just beautiful. I like it to be my inspiration, you never know, maybe someday  I'll have a renewal of vows to my husband. Hehehe