Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Custom Made Trophies

Browse award plaques from at a very affordable prices. Buy from their top-rated provider of award plaques and  engraved plaques, wristbands, trophies for car shows, medals for sports, academic, shows and recognition, and among others.  Their custom made trophies are usually shipped out by the next business day. They use the finest materials available such as solid marble, and have the easiest to use online engraving system. Please consider them by visiting at their website

Steve Jobs Bio

I started reading Steve Jobs bio just now, still on the introduction though so many pages that alone.  It hasn't picked up yet but I'm not in a hurry to finish it I'll do my pace to get through it. Kindle works very well I can bring it anywhere having without bulkiness compare to hardcover book.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Menopausal Hormone Therapy

Menopause is a normal part of woman's aging.  In the years before and during menopause, the levels of female hormones can go up and down.  Some women take hormone replacement therapy, also called menopausal hormone therapy, to relieve the symptoms such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, fatigue, etc. Hormone replacement therapy is one of the many tools the doctors at Austin Wellness Clinic helps us women who seeks this kind of therapy. Contact them by visiting their website via for more information.

Hockey Game

My first experience of Hockey game watching live in the stadium was 4 years ago (2007) in Fort Lauderdale. The Panthers is currently the South Florida's team. My family don't actually follow this sport that's why we don't know anything about it when we watched but, hey, it was fun! The reason why we watched Hockey because we got free tickets courtesy from our generous friends (who loves Hockey).

The Panthers home stadium is the Bank of Atlantic Center in Sunrise (Fort Lauderdale area). This is the outside of the stadium. The right photo is MIL and DH were heading to enter in the suite/club lobby. Again, thanks to our sponsors! :)

Finally, we're at the arena. Inside is freezing only because it's Hockey- that floor is ice!

Yap it was fun. Honestly, I don't know the technical rules. All I know is how they get scores. :)

These were make-believe-rats sold for $2 each that was 4 years ago, I don't know how much now. Can you imagine, you bought that fake rats just to throw away at the opposing team your $2 is gone just like that.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Accounting Services

Many U.S. and Europe companies are the biggest buyers of outsourcing services. They spends lots of money for that. They do so to save money by cutting the costs of employing local workers. Outsourcing is a popular option to rapidly scale up your business. It's also an affordable. At accounts department online via they offers accounting services  advanced solution to your accounting function by offering an outsourced virtual accounts department. They help you set up the best accounting systems and controls for your business accounts need. They handle all accounts department, deal with your invoicing, reconcile your expenses and cash position through telephone calls. For more queries you may visit their website at

Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret coupon is pretty much help cut my budget of my purchased from them. I love wearing their panties and sleepwear - its very comfy that's why a $10 off a purchase is a big help for someone like me who adore their products. My first purchase was online 4 years ago from then on I keep receiving coupons and promos in my mailbox at least once a month.  More often than not I redeemed the "free pantie" promo. I have a lot of them already.  Love collecting them for free! I save some of them for gifting to my family and friends, otherwise, I can wear panties 3times a day. :) If I don't use the coupons my friends benefited of it. You know, sharing is caring. :)

Anyhow, the VS fashion show this year was once again a big success. Looking at the models wearing so sexy lingerie inspires me (not to buy more panties) to get my body tone. I wish. The said show will be air tomorrow 11/29 on CBS at 10/9 central. I can't wait till then so I watch it on Youtube instead. Bummer! Hahaha

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rocky's Back!

The two are not separable. Well, only when they're together. Rocky is with us for couple of days since his parents are out for a short vacation. We're happy to be Rocky's foster parents even in a short days.


For the first time on Thanksgiving day my family didn't cook Turkey today. We're having vegetarian meals. I know it doesn't make sense as traditionally we American  grilled or broiled Turkey during Thanksgiving but we family of four decided to opt out the Turkey meal. Grandma and I only eat real meat and the rest are vegetarians, so it's practical for us to cook vegetarian food for all, and I don't mind it. We are thankful enough to have meals, and I believe the Turkey families are also thankful for our decision. :)

Last night I watched the Robert Ervine's Restaurant: Impossible show. One episode, Robert and his friends cook meals for 300 people in just 5 hours. Now that is impossible! But they did it. They cook mashed potatoes, boiled beans, dessert and grilled Turkeys. For them to cooked faster they grilled the Turkeys using the stainless steel drum an old style grilling material. With all the Turkey thing I saw on TV last night that makes me so over it.

 Anyway, my family finished our Thanksgiving dinner early tonight so husband and I went home to relax early. For everybody who celebrate today's Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving you all!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Special Deals

Hot deals and an irresistible offers with these 2011 Black Friday ads makes me wanna start shopping right now. I see all the ads everywhere (at the Internet, magazines, news papers and TV) including the deals from Macy's, Target, Kohl's, Nordstrom, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Best Buy, Amazon, and more with low prices on apparel, kitchenware, electronics, computers, jewelry, video games, apparel, shoes, bags, and everything even digital tv antennas they are on sale. This is the time of the year I shop for gifts giving on Christmas. I don't mind the crowd being in the store is scoring a bargain stuff is lots of fun! My friend and I are going early on Friday. I can't wait!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pho Soup

Moi is waiting the Pho soup to be served at one of my favorite Asian restaurant- Green Papaya. This restaurant does not get fully crowded every time I go there, I notice. I think only few people know in the neighborhood how good the foods they cook. Because of the stiff competition around they should have make a real advert and website to attract customers. But then again, green papaya restaurant is still in the business that means they have customers (like me :)). I would be devastated if they stop doing business. I so love the Pho soup!

Once again I craved of Pho soup. So I went to have it the other day. I just can't get enough of it. Really good. The broth is cooked very tastefully that I swear it makes me go back for more. Everything in this soup is perfect. Oh gawd, talking about it makes me hungry now. :)

Vehicle Winches

Country boys loves to be outside, hunting, drives a truck, rides a quad, rides with atv traction and enjoy the outdoors. They love extreme adventures.  Speaking of atv, learn why atv winches are a useful upgrade to your all terrain vehicle. Whether it's for off-roading or clearing driveways, atv winches are the perfect solution. A winch is an essential, you have to have one if you own ATV. The most common use for atv winches is self-recovery from getting your own vehicle unstuck.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Choco Pie

This is perhaps the South Korean favorite snack food. From many South Korean movies I saw lately Choco Pie is what I always noticed. In the movie JSA (Joint Security Area) the South Korean guard give the North Korean guard the Choco Pies, and that the North Korean guard thought the Choco Pie is a food sent from God. You know how the North Korea people don't have access of any South Korean or the world food have. They are isolated. Poor thing. So they enjoy eating it.

And then, I also saw the other South Korean movie The Way Home again they featured Choco Pie. The lead kid actor bought boxes of Choco Pies for his consumption while staying in his grandma's home while his mom find a job. When he's running out of Choco Pie grandma sell vegetables she grew from the farm just to buy Choco Pie for her grandson. This movie by the way is very moving. I cried a river while watching it. It's a great movie. I loved it! While I still watching more of South Korean movies lately I continually notice the Choco Pie that's why it stuck in my mind. 

When I did my weekly food shopping last Saturday I saw Choco Pies! Oh boy did I came home without it? Of course I bought one box to try it! Byung-hun Lee will be glad I tried it, cause it does taste good, so soft with marshmallows. Numnumnum... Teeheeeee!!


Some women are obsessed of perfection. They do every possible way just to achieve the perfect body, perfect face, perfect hair anything they want to feel beautiful. Thanks to the doctors and beauty products which are now accessible anywhere to just fill the women wants. Nowadays, many women to have long, thick eyelashes. While mascara and false  eyelashes can accomplish this on a temporary basis, you may want to consider eyelash growth products by enhancing and adding depth, fullness and length to natural lashes. To help women find the best eyelash enhancer please visit eye-lashgrowthproducts online for more details.

Order Flowers Online

Flowers are well known to have healing and calming qualities, it is often use for every occasions. With lovely colors and the scents of the beautiful flowers can brighten up someone's day. Flowers are also useful tools for expressing your feelings of love, thoughtfulness, gratitude, sympathy, and a lot of other emotions.  If you would like to give a gift to someone who is dear to you send a gift of flowers, order flowers online now to let that special person know how you love, care, happy or feel sorry about them.

Visit for fresh flowers of your choice. They sell flowers by occasion such as  daisies and sunflowers for a way to say  "I'm thinking of you" or "Thank You". 

Roses are often linked to romance but, they can be sent for friendship, congratulations, and appreciation too.

Send tulips to express thoughts of perfect love. And it's perfect for Thanksgiving Day as well.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Apply for U.S. Passport

Please pinch me, I still can't believe I now own a U.S. passport. It's fresh from the mailbox! :) When I open the envelop I first notice the brochure with that  large bold words " With Your U.S. Passport, the World is Yours! " my heart is pumping with joy! I wear the smiley face the whole time I get through reading the brochure and my passport.  So surreal. Wish I can literally apply that words in real life. Wish I can travel the whole world! I don't know if I can afford that *sigh* :(

Anyhow, the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs told me that they releasing a new Electronic Passport book- it contains a small chip that conforms to the latest international passport standards. The Electronic Passport logo will be displayed in all airports and transit ports equipped with special readers. This way they assured of the fastest and most efficient processing in the Immigration. 

I applied this passport book last week. Right after my oath-taking husband and I headed straight to our City Hall services office in the Mall.

The following required documents I submitted are:

1. Fill Out Form DS-11: Application For A U.S. Passport
2. My original U.S. Citizenship Certificate (they will send it back by mail)
3. Present Identification (Driver License)
4. One Passport Photo

The applicable fee:

I paid Application Fee $110 + Acceptance Fee $25 ( acceptance fee is for the first timer applicant). And since I have a schedule to travel abroad on the up coming weeks the lady in the office insist me to expedited my application cause it takes 4 weeks before I'll received the passport book, unless I will compromise my travel schedule. I  won't take any chances in this case so I obliged to pay the Expedited Fee of $60 plus Overnight delivery of $12.72 plus $25 something for the local City Hall service fee. 

I paid a total of $207. 82

I received my passport book in the mail after a week of my application. It pays to pay extra but if only I don't have schedule to travel very soon I won't pay that extra fee.

Now it's about time for me to relax. :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Integrated Systems

Delafield corporation is a distributor of many product lines for the process control industry. They specialize in the engineering, manufacturing, and sells products such as flexible metal hose, hydraulic power units, fluid technologies, piping designs, and to name a few. Delafield is also support engineering project management for in-house projects. They provide detailed project time lines, monitoring of in-house and outside processes. They have staff of engineers and products designers with experience in mechanical design, machine design, piping design, etc. Please check their website at for more information of their products and services.

Quality Control

I miss working in a Quality Control jobs even though it can be stressful but I like the idea of analyzing and measuring whether the existing products meet a set quality. I like to reject or approve the quality of the products after analyzing them, it give me sense of power. Heehee I'm only kidding. It's fun being in the production area I like to see and talk the hardworking people around there. It's a fulfilling job actually but I didn't go further into that profession since I moved here in the U.S.

My colleague back home already found the Quality Assurance Director Jobs she always wanted. Thanks to her perseverance and determination to achieved her dream job by getting a higher degree. She got her MBA and work full time at the same time. It took her so long to finish schooling but  the hard work pays after all. I'm very happy for her achievement. I wish to follow her steps. Such an inspiration.

i Like! Leopard Loafers

Leopard print is cool to wear whether its for clothes, bags, or shoes. And this Leopard loafers is what I like the most.  The photos below are my inspiration on how to wear and pair it. Awesome idea.

image credits: people magazine

Dead Sea Hands and Nails Kit

Having a nice clean hands and nails is very important, so if you're ready to get those hands you've been dying for you need the dead sea nail kit from This products give your nails an amazing shine and healthy look. The healing properties of the Dead Sea have been continuously admired by many women. This Dead Sea products for nails are the perfect home manicure accessory to achieve that professional look beautifully. This is indeed the key to revitalizing your nails and hands. Buy them now for your loved ones gift giving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Home Cleaning Service

Many americans are busy to make money. They often have two to three jobs in order to meet their needs and wants. That's why they are not able to keep up with the general maintenance of their homes. If there were no dust to clean then there would be so much leisure time. Some busy Americans have given up the privilege of cleaning their own homes. They seek somebody who will clean their homes. Variety of cleaning services cary nc offer for house cleaning. provides janitorial cleaning service for residential, commercial, and many other quality cleaning needs service.

Hard Boiled Egg with Olive Oil

A food for lazy. This hard-boiled eggs comes easy. I like to eat it with a bit of extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper. I can't think of any instant food alternative than this. I'm lame. :)

Pool Fences and Nets

The biggest advantage of removable pool fence is that it allows easy and convenient access to the pool.
The simple removability feature allow you to put the divider up and then remove it when segmentation is not desired. This type of protection is that you can keep toddlers out of the pool while teenagers are swimming. It has been relied on by parents for several decades to keep their families safe around the swimming pool.

The removable fences have been also used to block off garage door openings providing secure areas for children to play and for pets. The offer a large variety of pool fences, pool nets, pool covers, and among others. Get your free pool fencing estimate now by visiting their website or call them at 888-876-4005.

Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones

Who is Mick Jagger? Maroon5 latest song (Moves like Jagger) sing about him. That was my 21 year old boy colleague asked to everyone in the room (including me).

check Maroon5 Moves Like Jagger video here

Other girls didn't pay attention to him.
The other boy colleague answered him, " Mick Jagger is the lead vocalist of Rolling Stones band ".
The 21 year old boy colleague answered him back with sarcasm, "So?".
The other boy colleague said, " Dude, you obviously don't know who Rolling Stones is. Don't you know that the Stones was a famous Rock' n Roll band in the 60s, 70s, 80s and even until 90s or up to now? They're big time, bro!"

I can't help but joined their conversation. I agree with the other boy colleague I told them. The Stones were sensational, famous band like the Beatles. Compare with the Beatles, the Rolling Stones are more into Rock music. Thanks to them. They're the one who made the Rock' n Roll music become so famous in the world.  And because of their fame many women pay so much attention to their lead vocalist Mick Jagger. Not only Mick is talented, he has also an ooze sex appeal especially when he performs on stage. Whenever he moves every women going nuts!

Photos: Person in front from left to right: Mick Jagger, and Charlie Watts. Person at the back from left to right: Bill Wyman, Brian Jones, and Keith Richards - THE ROLLING STONES

The Rolling Stones band started became famous in the 60s I wasn't even born yet, up until late 70s when I was born so I barely remember anything in the world that era. I started hearing their name in the late 80s growing up because my uncles love the Stones. My uncles and his friends keeps playing their records multiple times a day. Of course, I keep also hearing the Stones famous songs on the radio as well. All I remember is I like their song Angie. But that was it. I have no idea who they are.


It was until I met my MIL (mother-in-law) 5 years ago who happen  a big follower of the Stones. Don't get ever started her, she's a genius when it comes to them. I bet she'll win if she joins the name-a-tune-contest
about the Stones. She knows everything about them. She grew up in that era. MIL show me her Stones records collection from their first till their very last albums, even Mick Jagger and Keith Richards respectively solo albums. She have them all. MIL also collects the Stones books (lots of them), magazines, and other Stones merchandises.

MIL has a huge frame of this Mick Jagger photo on the wall in her bed room. I don't blame her. How can you not like Mick? She really is a solid fan of the Stones.

I was able to read the auto biography books of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards I borrowed from MIL. I blown away. If only I have a time machine I'll go back to their era to watch them perform when they're still young. Glad I can Youtube them now! Teeheee! I now know how big the Stones band was. I'm sure you heard their songs. The DJ are still playing it on the radio nowadays.

Who will not know this?

image credits: google images
video credits: youtube

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Condo Unit Sale

My friend and her husband have been considering buying a house for a while now because the real estate and mortgage industries are trying hard to convince them that now is a good time to buy a home.  They have been told by the realtors that they should buy a home now because having been a renter for the past years, they qualify for the First-Time Homebuyer's Tax Credit. And also because the mortgage interest rates are so low.  I don't think they will consider to buy a house very soon despite all of these good offer by their realtor. My friend and her husband are still in doubt to give up their money with this unstable economy here in the U.S. They're afraid to gamble. Although they love to own  a Condo if the price of a Condo unit is right.

That said, given the dismal outlook for the U.S. economy and housing in particular, if they're going to buy a house today- they should only do it by paying cash.  Of course they know the property has a weak appraisals because of the high inventories and low value. 

That's why my friend and her husband love to consider the idea to buy a house outside the U.S. instead. Considering my friend visits her family in the Philippines every year it is practical for them to own a property somewhere in Asia particularly in Singapore. They both love Singapore.  They always stay for a couple of days over there before they fly back home here in the U.S. to unwind. The fact Singapore is closer (2hours flight) to the Philippines it is very convenient for them to own a property over there so they can visit her family in the Philippines anytime they want without hustle of a long flight. Housing market in Singapore is stronger than ever and are expected to continue selling every year. My friend and her husband found a  Condo Sale unit (via in the Pacific Mansion estate's located in River Valley district area in Singapore that they like. Right now they are communicating with the realtor hopefully my friend gets what she needs.

Traditional Wedding Bands

The importance of wedding cannot be judged by way the society looks at it, but how an individual deeply wants it. The importance of wedding cannot be denied, since this is the occasion when two different people join together for the rest of their life.  The wedding ring is a key to make the marriage memorable and romantic. Many people believe in the custom that wedding ring is a signature of the wedded couple- that rings are considered as their love and commitment for lifetime. Others view it as a sign that a person is "taken" and off limits.

Traditionally wedding rings are made up of gold and silver. But now designers are making rings of platinum and titanium. Rings have classy look with diamonds setting. Of course, other cultures have their own wedding ring styles. Like the (Irish) celtic wedding jewelry - an exceptional, unique Celtic wedding bands, engagement rings and bridal jewelry created in Ireland. It is all about traditional celtic wedding rings. For example, their Emer Court Celtic Warrior Wedding Ring is described as the perfect woman, Emer possessed the six gifts of womanhood: beauty, voice, sweet speech, skill in needlework, wisdom, chastity. The noble and elegant Emer, reflected in this beautiful piece of Celtic jewelry, shows the love and passion of Celtic warriors and is a perfect Celtic wedding band for any modern day romance. If you would like just a small touch of the Irish tradition at your wedding day, you might consider Celtic wedding bands at


To lighten up my night I listen to this.. :)

Dress Code Police

I got nega comments from random friends in Facebook about the clothes I wore at my citizenship oath-taking (here). They think it was awkward. They think it's not fitting for the said event. I think they thought its just plain boring even though my clothes has nothing to do of the event. I went there to get my certificate not to judge my clothes. They are making pointless criticism to just have something not good to say. Actually, I'm okay of any constructive criticism but, this is not the case. That irks me.

I admit, I'm no Anna Wintour or Madonna. I'm not expert of all fashion stuff. Thus, I don't really care about fashion much. Or what not to wear. In fact, I do not follow any fashion rules. As long I know the clothes I'm wearing are decent enough, clean, and presentable I go for it. Besides, of course, the fact I know the boundaries of overly dress, like, who the hell is to wear coats and boots in summer? In fact, some people wore shorts and tees at their wedding. Then again, if that is your choice then go for it. I don't care. So why can't they give that choice for me?

The truth of the matter is I only dress up for my own comfort not (dress) to empress everybody. We don't live like the latter, do we? My point is that it is not about the dress I'm wearing, it is about what I've accomplished that day. Why can't they give that moment for me? I don't understand.

Oh well, I move on.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Worishofer Slingback Sandal

My Christmas gift wish is very simple. I only want to have a worishofer slingback sandal just like the above photos. It's practical because the bunions of my feet needs a breather from the normal shoes I have. I heard a lot about worishofer from my colleagues, magazines, and fashion bloggers that it's made especially for those feet has sensitive bunions like mine. The wedge of this shoe is  made of cork, it has open toe, lace tie, and the upper material is made of leather. I have no problem of the look, I think it is pretty neat.  :)

Christmas is just around the corner I still have time to save money for this. Or should I put myself into debt (credit card), or I ask my family to buy it for me.  The best thing about my dilemma is I have so many choices. :)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Breaking Dawn Red Carpet Premier

Watch the live streaming video now with the casts of Twilight Breaking Dawn premier. It's awesome. I feel like a teenager again. LOL The long wait is over.. I can't wait to watch this film this weekend. They fun to watch  :)

via: people magazine

Malibu Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center

Alcohol abuse effects are devastating. Some alcoholics end up in jail or homeless. Some alcoholics will drive drunk and accidentally kill someone. Alcohol abuse and addiction can be found in all walks of life and the  lives of the rich and famous are no exception. No matter how you look at it, alcohol abuse leads down a road that you don't want to take. Stop going down that road before you become so lost that the cycle continues.  Take for example the lives of some many talented people- the celebrities who check into rehab for treatment.  Many of the celebrities have since gone to long beach drug alcohol rehab treatment center and turned their lives around while a few still struggle with their addiction like Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen.

Malibu Horizon offers the most effective, research-based alcohol and drug treatment. For more details please visit at

image credits: people magazine

Snow Tire Chains

During winter tire chains are use mainly to break through and dig into the thick layer of ice that covers many roads during that conditions. Chains is power to break the ice with the weight of the vehicle. To get the most benefits from winter tires, you need to have some on all four wheels. The latest tire chain device supplies many benefits to classic traction devices when traveling in winter weather conditions. One of the great things about buying RUD brand tire chains is that RUD has invested a lot of energy into making installation simple.

Watch this video for a demonstration.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Guilty Pleasure: Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake

This is my current obsession of course when it comes to give satisfaction of my brat sweet-tooth. Good ice cream is my happiness. And this Ben & Jerry's strawberry cheesecake can't escape me, once I  tried and very like it.. boom! I'm yours now. :) Strawberry cheesecake is so damn good. Sinfull! Teeheeee

Social Networking For Business

Since the World Wide Web is so widely available, businesses can access millions of potential customers with just a click of their computer mouse.  Social Networking is now a trend that's why online Marketers take advantage of that to spread your business to the world by connecting with people online.  Manta helps small businesses profit, connect and grow through the largest online community dedicated entirely to small business. Like Triangle Direct thousands of companies join Manta to get found online, connect with prospects, and grow your referral network. Need more customers? Join Manta now!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Diamond Ring is Forever

Women love diamonds. Whether they're for your engagement or for an anniversary, you can't go wrong with a diamond ring, necklace, bracelet, or watch. A diamond really is forever. Under the right conditions, it preserves its beauty and lustre till time eternal. You can pass it to your children generations. It is a sign of sophistication and class. brings you the largest inventory of diamonds, fine jewelry and watches. They have wide collections of semi mount diamond rings.

This Semi mount diamond ring feature a unique design which can't be found anywhere else. The diamonds of course is 100% genuine and the gold is solid. When buying a ring from soicyjewelry, you can be sure that you're paying way below the retail cost. Appraisal is included for diamond jewelry priced over $300.00 and free shipping is offered as well. Please contact them now for additional info.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Puddy The Cat

Puddy Zoom is MIL and grandma's cat.

He never cease to amaze me. Puddy is such a beautiful cat inside and out. His vet adore him so much cause Puddy is the only cat who never cry and fight when a vet perform the checkup.  :) Ever since my dog Stormy died Puddy allows us to play with him whenever we come to visit MIL and grandma. Strangely enough cause he never does that when Stormy is still alive. He usually asleep never wants us to be bother him.

This is his first time to see himself at the mirror.  He jumps and scratches it. I think, he doesn't understand that is his reflection. So cute. :)

Disposable Adult Diapers

The use of disposable adult diapers benefits the individual by limiting the influence incontinence has on their daily living. By increasing caregivers and patients quality of life, the brief diapers allows disabled individual to remain at their own homes and in their own communities.  The main advantage of these adult diapers is disposability. The adult diaper has been specifically formulated to help the family caregivers cope with the hard work involved in maintaining loved ones in severe states of urinary incontinence.  The comfort and convenience that patients and consumers enjoy speaks for itself.


I worked at Macys as a sale associate two years ago today. It wasn't easy as I thought would be. Dealing with people with different attitudes is the most stressful ever. Fixing and folding the clothes in the racks is not fun at all. Standing the whole time make me sick. Changing working hours schedule is very disappointing. That's why I didn't stay working with them like that for so long.  1 month and 3 weeks is the most I can stay. I can't stand the job alone.

With that experienced I learn so much about that job in every perspective.  The Retail System is not that complicated- their POS (Point Of Sale) is friendly user.  However, the other associates are always competing their sales to the highest level, and I can't deal with that. But those are my past that I never regret doing.

Komodo Island, Indonesia

image credit: bing
When I received my husband's email with the subject "Book Flight" I feel so excited. Thought he bought me tickets to go somewhere but, to my dismay he only prank me. How do I know? He sent me a link of an article about Komodo Island which he's obsess with and which I hate. And who would go there anyway? Ah, only those extreme adventurers. Not me. So, yeah, my husband loves to tease me like that. He likes to make fun of me when I get scared. I hate Komodo so much.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

To Apply For U.S. Citizenship

I came here in the U.S. base on Fiance Visa. I married to a wonderful American man during 90 days before my Fiance Visa expires. I then applied the 2year conditional Green Card (Permanent Residence). Then, I file a petition to remove the condition of my green card in order to remain a permanent resident during the 90 days before the card expires. This time the conditional card can not be renewed. I have 10 years permanent residence card.

After 4 years of legally living with my U.S citizen husband I am legible to apply for a Naturalization Citizenship.

The following documents I submitted for naturalization are:
1. Filled out form of N400
2. Personal check ( for filing fee $595 plus biometric fee $85 for a total of $680)
3. A photocopy of both sides of my Permanent Resident Card
4. 2 identical color 2x2 photographs of myself
5. A photocopy of my marriage certificate

I sent it all via USPS overnight/express mail. They have better service and price compare to other couriers.
Check USCIS website for more details of the application process.

My N400 application timeline:

June 13,2011 - Sent out my application documents
July 07, 2011 - Received NOA (notice of action) 1 for accepting my application
July 18, 2011 - Received NOA 2 for Biometric appointment
July 28, 2011 - Biometric/Fingerprinting @ 10AM

September 12, 2011 - Received NOA 3 for Interview/ Civic test schedule

October 17, 2011 - Interview and Civic test (I passed!) @ 3:30 PM
November 02, 2011 - NOA 4 for Oath taking appointment
November 10, 2011 - Oath Taking ceremony @ 7:30 AM

I now officially American, and I am very proud of it. :) I hope this what I'm sharing at least help you provides ideas on how the process goes. Good luck to those applicants!

Gaines Classic Mailboxes

I'm glad my friend is listening to me when I told her to get a new mailbox. It is about time to actually replace her old-rusty, nonfunctional door mailbox of hers that I saw at the curbside of her house last month. Thankfully none of her important incoming mails didn't lost. One of so many Gaines Mailboxes collection that she likes is the Keystone Mailboxes

This Keystone product adds a scripted style to our curbside. Personalize our package with many different finish and brass lettering combinations to compliment the architecture and color of our home. It holds multiple days worth of mail, designed and built to last a lifetime, the lockbox is available with a stainless steel lock. No other post on the market like this one. 

At we can also shop Classic Mailboxes of every size, finish, material, and style. They have Sale Prices on all mailboxes. Shipped quickly and free to your location.  To find out more please consider to visit their website.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Michelle Williams is Voque's October Cover Girl

I can't get enough of her. She's truly an amazing woman. I watched her shows since Dawson's Creek till whatever movie she's with now.  I admire her vulnerability, being down-to-earth, and being a mother of her daughter Matilda. Truly an inspiration.

via: vogue

Monday, November 07, 2011

Saving Money

Contribution by Prince Raymond

Saving money is huge in our household and I spend a lot of time thinking of ways to get us great deals and cut back on what’s going out the door. I’ve lately been looking for cheap cable so I can watch the Travel Channel at home and I’ve also been scouring those Groupon travel deals they send out to see if anything will come available that may work for us. One of the best money saving tips I can give a family like mine when it comes to vacationing is to look for vacation rentals rather than a hotel. You can usually get more bedrooms and space and best of all, a kitchen so you won’t have to eat out all the time which is really the big money suck. I love being able to give my kids and husband everything they want but I’m only able to do it by saving so much money here and there. It’s a gift and I’m going to milk it!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Presidente Turron and Nougat

From our recent local trip in Hialeah/Miami I never went home empty handed. Of course, I have to have something to bring home, and that is a confectionery. Candies! Once again my friend told me that these Presidente Turron and Nuogat are locals favorite even though it is imported from Spain. So I grabbed three boxes of it. They are pretty good. I was surprise that I didn't like the fruit Nuogat that much. The rest are fine.

Online Coupons

I'm a fan of using coupons only for the products and brands that I truly trust or use.  Getting a slash of money from the amount I supposed to pay for an item makes me feel good. Who doesn't like to save money anyway, that's why I think some people out there like to have coupons. Good news is coupons can find everywhere from news papers, magazines, and online. That's right, you can get dropdowndeals coupons and shop on thousands of your favorite online stores at

Bread Pudding in La Carreta Miami

After long hours driving around in Hialeah and Miami that day we are so over it and decided to take a siesta at La Carreta cafe to have taste some of Cuban favorite dessert before to headed home. La Carreta is one of Cubans favorite cafe in Miami. The place was packed when we were there.  The place was absolutely homey and huge. We went there just to have desserts since the food we had at lunch are not fully digested. :) So....

This buttered bread serve as a starter. A typical Cuban bread. My husband ordered a mix fruit salad. Our friends had Dulce de leche.

My friend told me to try the bread pudding I won't get disappointed if once I try it. So I listened. I ordered it. And I LOVE it!! It so creamy- it similar to Flan. It has rum, raisins and almonds. OMG, writing about it now makes me hungry. This I want, now!! :(