Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cinnzeo Cinnamon

To find a delightful sweet food is one of my goal when traveling. I always have to look out for that it doesn't matter if its confectioneries, pastries or jam. Finding them is an easy task. Sugar is everywhere! When I was in Edmonton, Canada my sister brought me to Southgate Centre Mall - that means shopping and eating. I couldn't resist. That is always been my pleasures. Teehee!!!

Noticed a stall where bunch of people were patiently waiting in the queue line. When I near at it I smelled a delicious tempting cinnamon spice which I love so that gets me curious. I always been a curious person no wonder why I wander. Anyhow, to make the story short I ended up myself fall into this cinnamon roll. The smell alone makes me hypnotize that's how strong the cinnamon spice is, how much more when I taste it was so good. It's actually to-die-for.

They serve it hot and the glaze on top of it is slowly melting, when bites it will burst the sugar and spice flavor in your mouth. Its sweet but it is so good. The bread is so soft and fresh it just perfect all together. I hate when a cinnamon bread is hard and dry unlike the Cinnzeo Cinnamon it is so soft. I guess its because I got it while its hot. But still.

This is the Cinnzeo stall in Southgate. You can see while they preparing and cook it at the same time. That woman on the right side of this photo is making the dough. That's why the cinnamon rolls are fresh when we buy it. I wish they have that in here. If only I could get a merchant cash advance to buy a franchise of this business I will do it just to have a branch here in Florida, that would be great! Until then I'll longing for it.

photo credits: the first two photos above is own by ringmybelle, and the last photo is own by CinnZeo online.
Travel period: December 2011

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