Monday, January 30, 2012

EPL (Edmonton Public Library)

This is the Edmonton Public Library or EPL located in Sir Winston Churchill Square Edmonton  where my niece and nephews's favorite place to go to borrow books they love to read and DVDs for movies and games for free. My sister tagged along me in there to return books and to borrow another DVDs along with the kids. This library is huge as in tremendous. They have thousands of books and DVDs available for the locals. Of course first come first serve, that's why my niece and nephews are constantly checking online if the books or movies they likes are available to borrow then that's the time they can reserve it. Once they reserved the books or dvds the library attendant will email or call them to inform if ready to be pickup. How convenient, isn't it? That's why my sister never buys her kids a dvd game nor movies or some books because she can have it for free at the public library. In fact they have books from other countries such as Vietnamese books, tagalog books, Mandarin books, etc. I guess they have almost everything. My niece is self learning on how to play guitar right now. She got a new guitar but don't have time to enroll in the guitar school. I should tell her to check the EPL if they have more guitar chord chart available for her to practice and learn at home. 

I like their library system, its very easy and convenient. They have self-service checkout. You can see on the left photo below, my sister is checking out the books and dvds she borrows. You have to be a member in order to own a library card to access the self-service checkout machine.

Meanwhile, the children's library section is full of happiness. They have computers for kids, toys to play, lots of books, tables for them to write, read and draw. My 5 year old nephew doesn't wanna go home once he's in that room. :)

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