Friday, January 06, 2012

From Fort Lauderdale to Edmonton

This was the Continental aircraft I flew in departing from Fort Lauderdale going to Edmonton, Alberta. I was waiting my time to board in that aircraft. Been waiting for this flight for so long.

Finally, the aircraft is off to the sky! That's Fort Lauderdale panorama view. Florida clouds are gorgeous, ain't it?

After more than 8hours flight I finally arrived at Edmonton safely at exactly 9:45 PM. Their immigration officer is cool. She didn't bother asking me so many questions. She only asked me- where I live, my job, and what's my purpose to come in Edmonton. The only disappoint me was the baggage claims department. I don't know for some reason they didn't announce, our luggage was stuck in the aircraft for almost an hour before I finally get them. I was so anxious to see my family outside and so does they. My family thought I didn't make it. When I finally met them, the words came out from their mouth was "what took you so long over there!" Hahaha I don't blame them, do you? As long I got my luggage and I arrived alive then that's what only matter.

My older sister and I chatting about the freezing weather welcomes me. So there, welcome to Canada! It's freezing indeed!!

At my sister's home sweet home. Of course the kids couldn't wait for their gifts, they are very excited for it.

My brother-in-law prepared me a delicious balbakwa soup (it's a pork meat with bone base soup) a Filipino food I miss.

Here's the happy campers, my niece and nephews playing with the toys I bought for them, while I was webcaming my mother on the other side.

Travel period: December 2011

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