Saturday, January 28, 2012

Galaxyland at West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall in Alberta is tremendous. It has theme parks inside of that mall where mostly locals enjoys to stay especially during winter season. I must admit the place was packed when I was there last month even during weekdays. Obviously there is not much to do outside on winter except if you like to do skiing, other than that indoor activities is a must. My nephews and niece loves Galaxyland where kids and alike are play till they drop. They have plenty of rides out there much like Disneyland minus the castle, micky mouse and minnie mouse.
I only took on the Swing Of The Century ride right after my sister told me that the attendant allows them (my sister, nephew and niece) to take the swing ride again for free because they are kababayan (fellow Filipino). I went and asked the attendant if I can take a ride for free sure enough he allows me. I love when he said "yes" with a smile, such a pinoy. My nephew and niece really took advantage of him they keep take that ride multiple times until they couldn't do it anymore. How would you like to get dizzy after the rides? Nobody does although it's funny. Haha. But I do enjoyed it.

My nephews and niece were also riding this swing boat. I passed this because I had tried it in Hongkong and I don't like it.

Kids loves this plane swing. My nephew Julian riding it since he is not allowed to take the Swing of the Century ride.

Travel period: December 2011

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