Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year (2012)!!

My New Year celebration was quite simple. It is just the way my DH and I like it. We stayed home, and takeout Italian food (Tomato Basil soup, crab with olives salad, wraps and pasta salad) for our dinner. I pig out the left over of roasted pork I cooked last Friday, which is very good by the way. We had a non-alcoholic champagne as well. Watched a UFC (ultimate fighting championship) documentary while savoring all those foods.
I slowly roast this 4pounds pork meat for almost 8 hours. It turn out soooo good. Yum!

I had this plate.

DH ate this pasta.

Minutes before midnight my DH tune in the live streaming video of New York's New Year countdown while having a fresh mint tea to cheers for welcoming 2012. We watched the fireworks from our neighbors. We both wish for good health, peace, and prosper on 2012. 2011 left us financially OK  but we've lost our loved ones. I pray for a much better year for us this year. Hopefully more good vibes. 

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