Tuesday, January 31, 2012

KORYO - Korean BBQ

Not only Korean makes great movies or telenovela they also makes very good BBQ aside Kimchi of course. So when I found out that Koryo serves Korean food I grabbed the chance. This restro nestled at the food chain area in Southgate mall Edmonton. By the way, Edmonton is one of the home of Korean immigrants. There are many Koreans over there.

I ordered the Koryo special menu which is their BBQs. Beef bbq burger for my niece, I tried it and it was good. The beef was tender and flavorful combine with the melted sweet cheese on it. Yum! I ended up taking another order for it for to go.

I had their chicken and beef bbq with plain white rice and noodles for the side. I think what makes their bbq special is their sauce. It is really taste good. I didn't see any difference of the grilled meat. Its the sauce makes it.

I ate a lot during my vacay in Alberta last month plus when I came home it was holidays that means I consumed more foods. I haven't done any exercise yet I should hit the richmond gym so soon to get rid all the extra fats. *Sigh.*

Travel period: December 2011

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