Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My 2011 Annual Report

year 2011 brought joys, tears, and no fears on me. Still there were ups-and-downs, certain thing bad happens that I wish it didn't occur to me but then I realized those were out of my hands. If bad happen comes then good thing will follows. I don't lose hope. Despite of that I feel so blessed. I got a life that I really prayed for.  So here goes my year-end report the highlights of my 2011.


Early 2011 my father passed away. That terrified me. I had sleepless nights, cried in a bucket, and had broken heart because of that. My father who wishes us (me and my sisters) to finish school in order to have a better job and comfortable life he never had. A strong man yet has a soft heart. He loves and protects our family to death. With all the blessings my husband and I had been saving I was able to buy plane tickets for Philippines to attend my father's funeral. When my mother learned about my attendance she was happy to be able to see me again since my last 2007 homecoming. My mother was sad about the passing of my father but at the same time she was happy to see me again. Talking about optimism in our family always look at the brighter side of the problems. We mourn. We celebrate. During those time my relatives were all there who comforted us in our sorrows. That helps our family able to realized that we're not alone. That said, our broken hearts get healed easily. Thanks to our faith in God and family.


When I was in the Philippines to attend my father's funeral my family make sure to prepare my meals very good. I ate the local foods I like! I sure took the chance to savor all those foods that I couldn't have in Florida. There is no better than home food. 


I never expected to see old friends whom I truly miss a lot. The unexpected surprises is priceless. I have no plans to meet them cause all I want is to be with the family during my short home-coming. 10 days is not enough for a big family bonding but when my friend visited me at the wake the idea came out. After few days my father's funeral my friend  fetch me to see our old friends from my previous job. I never expect everybody came out to see me. I was so happy. Everybody was happy!

Came Spring our dearest friend flew from Philippines to visit us here in Florida. This is definitely one of the highlights of last year because my husband was happy to see his best friend. He is so funny, and to be around with this man who has humor and who loves food is fun. We did nothing but talk, eat and driving around the city for two and-a-half days. It was a treat that we never forget and would love to do it again when he comes back next year (2013). :)


Last Summer, my heart was again broken when our beloved furry-kid Stormy passed away. I can't talk about her if I did I cry. She left us a big hole in our heart. The pain I feel is immeasurable when she's gone after my father. It was so painful to see her gone. You have no idea how she change my life in a way I now care the feelings of animals. I feel blessed to be her mommy.


After all the pain my husband and I been through we learn to embrace a new chapter of our life. To go out from our comfort zone is something we needed. Our friends invited us to be part of their daughter celebration at the beach in Miami, so off we went! It is a lovely, lovely place. We also found an old zoo and a garden we both love over there.

I was present at the Bon (A Japanese) Festival with the husband for the first time. Learning other cultures is interesting. The highlights of this event is the lanterns floating and the taiko. Love to hear taiko! I was participating the traditional dance without a shame. It was fun.

Another culture I learn is Cuban. Through our friends they show me their world not in Cuba but in Little Havana and Hialeah (Miami) where majority of Cuban-Americans live. There are Cuban things and values that I learn are familiar to my Filipino culture because both countries was colonized by Spaniards way way back. I learn to love Cuban food especially their vaca frita, ropa vieja, bread pudding, and espresso. Gosh, talking about it makes me hungry now. Cuban food is indeed the best!


To be able to get here in U.S.A is such a dream come true. Never in my wildest dreams that I will become a citizen of this great country. Until it all happens last year without any hustles from my citizenship application process to interview till applying for a passport. I could not have done this without my husband support. He's behind of all my achievements. This is the best birthday gift he gave to me, aside of course the material stuff he bought for me. :) Yes, I officially became a U.S. citizen on 2011. That is definitely the highlights of last year.


Before Christmas I flew to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to visit my sister and her family, to explore Edmonton, and to see a snow. I got what I wish for. I had such a happy experience playing on the snow while its falling with my sister and nephew. Despite the cold weather my sister family and I had a great time roaming around the city, dinning out, and shopping. It was fun and memorable experience I would never trade to anything.

This is it! The highlights of my 2011 life (good and bad). Here's for 2012 more adventures, more achievements, good health, and prosperity for me and my DH, and to everybody. Cheers!!!

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