Saturday, January 28, 2012

Of Frozen Lake

One afternoon before dusk (winter in Alberta have only few hours of sunlight thus it darks early) my sister brought me in the neighborhood park just a couple of walks away along with my niece and nephew. It was chilly and gray outside yet we braved the cold just to see the park where a lake turn ice. Nobody was outside making noises except us. That being said, we are obviously new to this country and being ignorant somehow brings us so much fun. We are absolutely had fun. Immeasurable. Like I said to my husband it makes my heart bigger. We're so amaze how the lake turn ice and yet still beautiful to look at. Amaze how we can run onto it. My sister took a lot of videos of us while playing around in the frozen park. Too bad I can't upload it here right now hence I got problem resizing the file. I'm not a technical person I still have to figure it out. I don't know even how to download videos from youtube till now that's my biggest problem. I'll let my husband do it instead. Once its done I will post a video here. Just looking at the images makes me wanna come back to Alberta. *Sigh*

Travel period: December 2011

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