Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Southgate Mall Rest Room

I have never seen a Rest Room such the ones they have in Southgate mall (Edmonton). In the ladies room it has play park for the kids and  rocking chairs for those who wants to take a rest while waiting the stalls to be available. Literally, it's a rest room! My sister and I takes turn to watch her little boy Julian. We're waited my sister while Julian is playing the toys at the play park area. I like this concept a lot I can rest my tired feet on a chair from walking in the mall. It is also very convenient for Mommy's.

Julian playing the toy. This is how the play park area inside the rest room looks like. I was on the rocking leather chair while taking this photo.

The hand wash sinks area. The stalls are behind that mirror. I was in the play park area while snapping this photo.

Travel period: December 2011

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