Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons's Canada's Dunkin Donuts version. They sell coffee, tea, hot specialty beverages (like espresso, cappuccino, etc.), cold beverages (like iced coffee, fruit smoothies, etc.), snacks & baked goods, sandwiches, and great breakfast foods.  When I was in Canada I have to have Tim Hortons coffee not because I really have to but only because I need to have a hot coffee to warm my body because it's freaking cold over there.  Tim Hortons stores are can find every where in Canada. And is very affordable.

This was me at the cash register counter waiting for my order. 

I must admit that their coffee is good. My niece for some reasons ordered an iced coffee while the weather was -10 Celsius outside. Weird. :)

 Me sipping the hot Tim Hortons coffee outside the mall.

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