Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Clothes

When I went to Alberta last month I only bring one make-believe fur coat, two pair of sacks, and a couple of thermal long sleeve shirts, a pair of shoe, pants, and other personal stuff. My only reason being is the airline baggage fees. I don't wanna pay extra, it is so expensive, I hate it! I'd rather buy winter clothes in Canada which I did than paying those extra baggage fee. Funny though the coat I brought for my trip wasn't even useful in Canada's winter, I couldn't wear it cause it's so thin I get freeze. Good thing is my sister and niece have plenty of winter coats which I wore during my stay over there. I learned that there are certain types of coats depend on what degrees. I never knew that here in Florida.

This coat I wore in the photo is heavy and is very warm.

I bought winter boots and bogner hats in one of my sister's favorite store in Edmonton. I never regret of not bringing my own winter clothes because I love shopping in Edmonton they are not pricey, the stuff are so beautiful and the quality is great.

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