Thursday, February 02, 2012

Birthday Gifts For Girls

To be a godparent has no boundaries, I just asked to be a godmother of my friend's newborn baby girl. They live in the Philippines and I live here in Florida. Even though it does not make any sense I still accept the invitation. She will be my fifth godchild, and they all live in the Philippines except my niece/godchild who lives in Canada. Anyway, my other godchild is turning one year old this month I'm having a dilemma about what gift should I give to her. A baby doesn't appreciate a thing except food, but I want to give something special for her to remember me when they grow up. I don't want to give money cause their parents will enjoy it instead. I am very practical you know. Thankfully I found a perfect gift I'd like to buy for my godchild. Its a personalized 1st birthday gifts for girls from personalcreations dot com. 

They have all cuteness merchandising like clothes, dolls, bags, jewelries, and so much more for any ages. I found this beautifully crafted delicate bangle made of genuine sterling making it easy to dress up even the most active toddlers so cute.

and so does this snuggly rag doll.  The bangle is what I decided to buy for her. I think this is perfect.

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