Thursday, February 02, 2012

Edmonton Homes

Maybe its just me but I found Edmonton's houses are very unique, mostly have own chimneys. Oh well, it's cold there maybe that's why. Duh! Every time I go out and stroll around the area where my sister live I feel strange the layout of their houses over there are so different from here in Florida. And I find it  beautiful. Not that I don't like the houses here in Florida but the two different states have their own world. I don't know about you but to me winter in Canada is beautiful. Their houses their makes me feel comfortable. When I was there my sister's friends invited me in a separate occasions for a dinner party. I live their cute homey houses. Every house have a winter coat closet right next in the front main door. They also have basements. Their kitchens are so pretty and spacious. It gives me idea to get a raleigh kitchen remodeling to builds custom designed kitchens in my own home. I so can relate their home styles. I love the old and new concepts together.

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