Monday, February 06, 2012

Japanese Traditional Confectionery: Mochi

Last month after New Year, while I did my food shopping routine at the Oriental supermarket nearby I found lots of colourful confectionery sweets in the shelves right in front of the entrance door, and then I saw Mochi. So then, I grabbed two boxes of Mochi in different flavors (one is red bean, the other one is green tea) into my wagon! I haven't tried it before my purchase but I heard and read about it over the Internet, that's what got me curious to it. I learn that this Mochi is the Japanese traditional sweets food and is commonly sold and eaten during Japanese New Year. Other term of Mochi is rice cake pounded into paste and molded into shape

This mochi is soft stuffed with filling, such as sweetened red bean paste and green tea paste like the ones I got. It has actually plenty of other flavors of choices like Strawberry, etc. But the former definitely is very Asian and  it only makes sense if try them out first since it was my first time. The powder dusting is the only thing I don't like, it falling everywhere on my clothes (very messy) every time I bite it. After all I found an idea to prevent messing up my clothes by this powder while I'm enjoying eating is to put a whole piece of mochi straight in my mouth. Chewing it slowly and enjoy the sweets mochi. It is so good, I'm telling you.

Did you know that my dream job (aside of course to be a host on the food & travel show (a woman version of Anthony Bourdain wanna be ) is to be a food tester, especially in the confectionery or ice cream department. I would be in my glory every day. But I'm sure my mother who is a diabetic won't approve this. She would recommend me the other Tester Jobs we have out there like in the electronic department than eating all those sugars as my career. Teee heee!


logan23 said...

wow!! mochi.. really missed this ..
really nice picture of mochi in there maam.. thanks for sharing..

Essie Reeves said...

Confectioner. That sweetens the food. I aint really sure if its good or not. Oh well, have not tasted mochi yet. But I want too.