Thursday, February 02, 2012

Out of Place

Guest post by Jewel Cole

My family just moved across the country due to my husband’s job. We were uprooted from our quaint little town in Georgia and plopped smack in the middle of Nevada. That’s right. To say we are just a little out of place around here is definitely an understatement. Since my husband travels some with his job, he said he would feel better if we got a security system installed in our new house. I couldn’t agree more and was actually going to suggest it myself since we have 3 kids. We are happy with the neighborhood that we moved into, but it would just give us peace of mind. So we got on the computer and researched home security nevada and decided to go ahead and get one installed. We also decided to up our long distance calling plan with our phone company because we are already so homesick. It is so sunny here. We are used to hot living in the south all those years, but a little rain every now and then is nice too! 

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