Monday, February 06, 2012

Step Stools

You know when God poured rains of legs unfortunately I was sleeping at that time so poor me I will forever have short legs. Gosh! Haha!! Actually, it's my family genes. Nobody's to be blamed, I'm only saying. Besides, God poured me of beautiful face (ahem *self proclaim*) that equals everything. Teeheee! Seriously though, being small doesn't really bother me at all there are advantage and disadvantage no matter whatever size or heights we are. Good thing though we can find any solutions to every thing. Like, I can not obviously reach more than 5'3 inches high shelves or cabinets whenever I need to get something in there. But since (thanks to those smart inventors) there are step stools or ladders available to purchase at stores that helps me to reach the unreachable stuff thanks to the two step stool mom gave me. In fact, there are wide varieties of step stools available for us. Great selection of one-step stools, two-step stools, kitchen stools, medical stools, library stools, and folding stools. All can be also find at online store.

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Alien said...

Nice blog.
The step stools look durable.
Keep up the good work going.
Thanks for sharing.