Saturday, March 17, 2012

Busy Me

If time is money then I will take my time to work for the opportunities that has in front of me just to have money even if my friends will want to hangout with me. Opportunity only knock once so I grab it when it last. I'm working with my husband's project since last month for I was not in the loop of bloggersphere in a while now. He'll pay me that's why I can't stop working! Who doesn't love to have extra money, right? I'm working home at night with my laptop computer for this project after my real day job. Though my husband don't oblige me to work long period of time but I did anyway. I have goals, and that what keeps me going.

For now, I have no reason not to blog I got so many ideas to blog about, it would be better if I can spare a little time in between my works so I wont have any more backlogs because in a next couple of weeks I'll be out of town to spend a short spring break to a state that has five boroughs. :) I'm excited for that!

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