Friday, March 30, 2012

Cuteness: Teapot

Rewind: The first time I went in at Green Papaya Vietnamese restaurant with my husband the owner asked me if I'm a Vietnamese. I said no. Then the second time I went there with my family she asked me if they are my family. I said yes. Technically speaking, they are my in-laws. Third time, I went there with the husband she gave me a fresh shrimp roll (which is so good by the way..) with no charge. I was very thankful to her but she said no, she thanks me for being a frequent customer.

I think the owner of Green Papaya Vietnamese restaurant amuse me a lot cause she serves this brewed hot tea in a special teapot for us the last time we dine-in over there. I like it a lot-- of course, I like the owner too she's so generous. She gave the tea drink with no charge! They have great food, great service, what else can I ask for.  Honestly, I want to take home this teapot for me. That would be perfect. :)

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