Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fort Edmonton

When I was at Edmonton last December to visit my family one of my itinerary on the list I have is to visit the Fort Edmonton Park. It was freezing outside, the temperature drop at -6c but we brave the cold off we drive heading to the park with the whole family in the van. My brother-in-law was driving the van for some reason we couldn't find the area. We used the high tech guide GPS still we got lost! This is why husband and I never own a GPS, we can't totally trust it. Anyways, we keep going to the highway where GPS told us until we all gets tired finding the park. So we decided to go back home.

My niece posted these photos in her FB account when I saw it my memory flashing back to the past where we couldn't find this antique park. This is why I wanted to go to this park- the rustic museum.
The Rowand House

I don't really know about the history of this park since I haven't been there before for I can not tell exactly why they preserved the house, and the whole area in particular. I have no history to tell for now. Perhaps when I go back over there and visit the park I can share the story. All I know is by looking at the photos taken by my niece makes me wanna go there right now. I love anything antique, rustic like that. I like old stuff. Love to know history as well. I like this type of a house. All woods. I wonder if they use laminate flooring or probably not- it doesn't looks like laminated. It doesn't matter anyway cause I want this house. I can live here.

inside the house

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