Thursday, March 29, 2012


At work the other day we had product showcase in our site. Everybody in the office had a chance to see up close and personal of our company's new products that has already out for our customers. I already said before about my current employer's business and about  my job over there, for those who don't know I work in First Data company. We are doing merchant payment processing solutions worldwide. We are not obviously a household label but the merchants. Major and minor merchants knows FDC because we offer them our services and products (e.g. POS). So anyway, in our product showcase I learned how innovative FDC are. We have developed new high-tech POS to make our merchants payment processing be as quick and reliable as possible in order to make satisfy their customers ends.

Marketing techniques wise we are so advance. We can offer our services and if qualified our merchants can get their applications approval the very soonest by using our new online application systems that we newly created. If you heard about google wallet then that's one of our products. Tiny POS equipment. Very cool. I was so amazed and proud that am part of this company.  I learn things always change. Innovation. My Marketing knowledge I learned from school when I was in college back in the late 90s is not gonna work now. Marketing techniques now has to know how to get a niche in the Internet to be on top from the other like triangle direct media and millions of companies out there are doing like what FDC did innovation in order to keep their business for so long.

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