Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sakura Restaurant

Japanese food is one of the world's famous cuisine. It has unique flavors, and are mostly healthy. One can not go wrong just to eat sushi, noodle soup, takuyaki, or salad they are tastes good. Thank goodness Japanese restaurant are can be find everywhere in Florida. They might not like better compare to what they have in Japan but its good enough for me to have it tasted here. Sakura is my husband's favorite restaurant in our neighborhood. The server knows him already. :)

The unique sauce of this salad is what I really love about. I found out what it is. A miso sauce! Which I can buy at the Wholefoods

Ahhh miso soup! Such a delightful dish.

Have this japanese beef steak for the first time in a long time.

Hubby have this vegetables lo mein.

We order these foods because it all familiar to us, we kind a figure not try a new flavor since we're starving already waiting is not a good idea. At this point in time I have loss weight having a beef steak once in a blue moon doesn't hurt me after all. If it did why not getting the HCG weight loss Austin like my friend did. I don't think that's not bad. Haha! Anyway, Sakura is a nice place to dine out. We shall return. Yay!!

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