Monday, March 19, 2012


Subway transportation in Edmonton, Alberta is accessible from where my sister live. I can take a cab for 5 bucks from my sister's house to the subway station, or I can take a bus for under a dollar if I don't mind taking my time to wait for next available subway schedule. I'd like taking a subway ride than driving around especially if I'm in the big busy crowded city.

That is me trying to catch in the subway. Edmonton LRT is clean, fast, and kind a new. I like it a lot. I can't compare it to here because I haven't been to any Miami subway. I'm driving my own car all the time here in Florida. I learn from my colleagues at work that our subway or LRT here in Florida is old, and it's quite dangerous. I don't know what he means but he said it's fun to experience the ride going to Miami. When I was in Miami I saw the railways are under construction I guess they expanding the route or would love to believe a new subway units. That said, there will be subway jobs opportunity for the locals over there. 

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