Saturday, March 31, 2012

Swimming Pool Fence

I can only imagine living in a huge beautiful house with this outdoor amenity. Who knows one day I'll hit the lotto and have all my dreams become true. *sigh* Then again who needs a huge house for two people? See now, I have a dilemma even though I'm only day dreaming, how much more I have much money from winning lotto? This is ridiculous! Haha

Seriously though, have you stumble upon the HGTV website? They have great stuff over there. I love HGTV as much I love their website. Like I said from my previous post they share informative ideas pretty much about anything home. Such a nice inspiration. Love to surf their site.

This house caught my eyes when I saw this photo at HGTV website. Something telling me at the back of my mind that this type of outdoor pool is what I'm going to have. Doesn't it look refreshing or relaxing? Yes it does. It's not too wide not too small, it is just a right size. However if I have kids and dogs how can I put fencing pool around it to guard the kiddos and animals? I have no idea. That's interesting.

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