Sunday, April 08, 2012

16 and Pregnant

Thanks for the post from Lynn Guy

I don’t normally watch a lot of MTV programming but recently I stopped on a new episode of 16 and Pregnant and decided to stick around and watch it. It was about a fifteen year old girl who was pregnant with her also teenaged boyfriend. When her mom found out that they were having sex she moved her daughter to a new school far away from the boyfriend. The boyfriend’s mom decided that she knew best and would sneak and drive them to see each other. A few months of this and bam they are pregnant. Needless to say the young girl’s mother was not too excited about any of this. She had been a teen mother as well and was trying to prevent her daughter from the same heartaches that she went through as a young mother. This show which you can find on DIRECTV St Paul is a really interesting study on the pregnancy and life of a teenaged mom. It really shows how a young girl gets through school and friends and new motherhood and I find it very interesting.

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