Friday, April 27, 2012

Arriving New York

The Delta aircraft we fly into landed at Laguardia International Airport in New York 8 miles away to midtown Manhattan. It is closer than JFK. We safely arrived on time. The advantage of having baggage check-in free is by not taking so much time waiting to get our baggage in the carousel we literally in-and-out at the airport. 

This is my friend M going to the exit door.

We need a shuttle bus to take us to our hotel in midtown Manhattan so we stop in the Port Authority customer service first for reservation. Before the lady at the counter help us a man came and asked if we need a shuttle bus for a ride, he works with this agency.  He explains that we're not the only passengers that means he has to drop the other passengers to their hotel first or which ever comes first, and that the fee is $14 per person one way.  Deal. We don't care. $14 is a steal than $80 or more if we get a taxi.

Spotted the yellow taxis outside the airport. So New York. Classic!

Noticed the shuttle bus driver is using iPad for his transaction. So hi-tech.

Manhattan roads are very narrow. The streets are all one way. Traffic is pretty bad. You have to be aggressive on the roads. I don't think I can drive there.

Pedestrians rule the roads and streets in New York. J walking is fine. The police won't give you a ticket. People are use to walk (pretty fast!)- that's why I didn't see any fat people there.  And they seems busy all the time.

Travel Period: April 2012

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