Tuesday, April 24, 2012

At The Fort Lauderdale Beach

It is a must to stay in the beach when in Florida. My friend M shouldn't miss it while she's in town so I make sure I plan ahead of time for our beach getaway. After two days my friend M arrived in Florida husband and I brought her to the beach in downtown Fort Lauderdale to relax and unwind. I've been here before but I never get in the water only this time when my friend M was with us. 

Sighting these birds at the beach. They come near us looking for food. I'm sure they smell our food, we're eating at that time so we feed them breads.

My friend M is wandering around the ocean strips where there are so many restaurants, cafes, and shops.

At the beach front. Hotels and condos are everywhere.

It was my very first time to swim in the ocean in Florida ever since I moved here. Has to take a nice photo of myself in the beach for keeps. Teehee!

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