Wednesday, April 25, 2012

En Route to New York

When my friend M announced her plan to visit me here in Florida I was so happy to know that. She's like my sister to me. I have known her for 13 years now. I met her at work from my previous employer back in the Philippines, she works in the Admin while I work in the Marketing department. Since we have the same goals for our future lives we hang out, talk a lot about it together after work, and that's how our friendship started. We live our dreams now. We married to our wonderful husbands, our lives changed in so many ways. In a good way. Part of our dream is to visit New York. We made plans to go there after her stay in Florida.

Finally that day has arrived. Tuesday (4/17/12) early morning was our departure flight en route to New York. We were so excited and happy for this trip.

This is me and my friend M while DH taking a photo of us when looking for our boarding gate in the airport.

Lounging in our gate area waiting for our boarding flight. Delta's computer systems was down so we have to print out our boarding pass again since we use electronic check-in at home. Our seats assign were totally messed up. My DH and I ended up having the seats in the last row. Annoying.

Good thing my DH brought Ely the puppet during this trip to cool us. DH knows how to make Ely alive and talk. So funny.
After we settled in the aircraft the stewardess is now serving us a snack.

I choose an orange juice and a cookie

While my DH have pretzel, granola bar and a sprite.

I wasn't so thrilled during this flight because my DH and I were seated in the last row. And I was literally sitting right next to a lavatory. I can hear everything whatever people do in that room. Very annoying.

My DH just came out from that room, and he's teasing me.

This picture show how close the lavatory from where I seated. Good thing though my DH and I only used the lavatory during the whole flight. The rest of the passengers were sleeping, I guess they all tired. I feel so lucky! Hehehe

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