Thursday, April 05, 2012

Great Progressive Eyeglasses

I remember back when I was younger I swear on my grandmother's grave that I would never ever wear eyeglasses. In my mind I said why would I wear eyeglasses since I have a 20/20 vision none of my family had a bad eye sight (not until my parents get older). So there I said it with conviction- never ever. Twenty-two years later I was so in dire to have wear eyeglasses, the reason being is because it was so "in"! Chic eyeglasses is part of the whole outfit especially the ones look like the grandpa black-frame-progressive glasses many celebrities wearing it, and I so like it. Eventually I got what I wish for only because my vision got blurry.  

My ophthalmologist have great selection of eyeglasses this one right here a leopard print frame is what I like. It does looks great for my wide face. Hehe

I also kind a like this Aviator if I want to be incognito like those celebrities. This one is perfect.

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