Sunday, April 29, 2012

Korea Town, New York

We didn't have lunch on the flight, we're so starving when we arrived in New York it's already 3:30PM. After we settled our luggage in our room at Hilton hotel we then walked to Korea Town in 32nd street about 20 minutes or so. We prefer walking more than any public transportation (unless the weather doesn't permit us or if its too far to walk) so that we can exercise and so we can sightseeing on every streets.

You know already when you're in Korea Town the stores signage are written in Korea language (with English translation) and there are so many Korean. Haha What do I expect, right? I'm just joking.

I like where in every restaurants over there displays their menu at the glass window or on the pedestal menu display stand in front of their establishment. It gives us an option to compare their foods and prices from any other restaurants.

I had in mind to dine in Arirang on the 3rd floor of this building. I researched it prior our vacation. It got good reviews in Yelp. My DH and friend are love to eat soup. So we went up to Arirang.

We have to take an elevator to go to Arirang. Those elevator is so tiny no more than 5 people can take in it. The sign says it all as what we comprehend. No!!!! 5 with korean language written on that paper at the wall is kind a funny. We didn't get it. We're in USA for goodness sake speak English please! Joke. Hehe

Yet we never get disappointed in Arirang the people their are so friendly, the foods are so delicious. And it is inexpensive. The ice tea is refillable with no charge. So yummy! They deserve a 5 stars.

I look so tired and starving here. That doesn't stop me to feel happy and excite knowing I'm already in the land of Big Apple. :)

Their homemade noodle soup has its own taste. I have tried so many different type of noodle soup from other country but I can't compare them. This Korean chicken noodle soup is also the best. So good. For $9.99 for this huge bowl is a steal. Three people can eat this.

In Yelp reviews online they said when in Arirang we have to try their kimchi pancake. So we did. Oh my goodness we all loved it. It tastes so good. Want to come back their for it. I'm craving it right now. :)

The three stooges.

After we had a wonder-full meal in Arirang we cross the street to Asian Mart for toothbrush and snacks.

They sell plenty of different type of teas in here. I covet for one but I beside myself cause it is so expensive. :)

Korea Town street is quite interesting. I so like it. I feel more like I am in Korea where I'm in New York.

Travel Period: April 2012

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