Monday, April 30, 2012

New York Subway

We took a subway transit when we went to Liberty Island and Ellis Island where the ferry terminal to take us over there is at the Battery Park. From our hotel in 6 avenue, 53rd street we walked to the entrance in Broadway subway station just a couple of blocks to look for number one train/ letter E color red to go all the way down to Southport station. 

The New York subway station is one of the oldest public transportation systems in the world, with 468 stations in operation, imagine that. The busiest subway I have ever seen it operates 24/7 a day.  I can hear the noise of the subway from the ground when I'm walking down the road of Manhattan and even when I'm in the hotel room on 2oth floor! 

So anyway, when we're at the station we went straight to this machine for a one pass ticket. This is my DH trying to buy a ticket using an ATM card. It accept debit and credit card but most of the time the online system doesn't work on it so an exact bills and coins is a must kind a annoying if we don't carry cash a lot. One thing more I don't like this machine's it only take one ticket at a time.  It doesn't have an option to buy more tickets in one transaction. Very hassle.

But we made purchased the tickets for a single pass ($2.50) only. This is me at the gate of the underground subway station prior entering to the waiting area for the subway.

The entry section of the subway you have to slide the ticket in that sliding machine on the right side for you to get in.

Every stations look differently. This one right here is new and clean.

While this one look rusty and creepy. I imagined how the people dress and their luggage looks in 18th century when they take the train here.

My DH is patiently waiting for our ride. Please take a look at the ceiling and background so antique.

The wall tiles and wooden bench? Vintage! I'm glad they keep it cause I love the looks of vintage. :)

This is one of those exit area.

The vintage exit stairs to go up to the main road. Again, the old tiles are still standing.

Travel Period: April 2012

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