Sunday, April 01, 2012

Yoga Routine

Six years ago I learned about Yoga by word of mouth and then I finally saw it on TV by celebrity endorsers, they show us how it works. I bought a magazine that has basic Yoga poses for the beginners on it. I was hooked since then. Over time I manage to carefully do the Yoga poses without hurting myself. I love how I feel after that. Practicing yoga regularly results in increased flexibility and strengthen muscle tone. Too bad I couldn't make an everyday Yoga routine. I have so many excuses. But whenever I get a chance I do yoga at home even a few minutes of stretching.
Sometimes my husband join me practicing yoga at home. He's the one who pushes me to do it regularly. He bought two yoga towels and yoga mats for us to use. Now I have no choice but do it. Oh well, it only good for me. Namaste! :)


William Shapleigh Jr said...

Practicing yoga at home is a wonderful thing. Yoga is like anything else, the benefits come with regular practice. It might be a good idea to attend a class with a qualified teacher once in a while just to be sure you are doing things properly. Having the right equipment is important also...a mat, a towel and possibly a strap and a block. A good place to find these things is
I've been teaching yoga for 12 years, and it's thrilling to see students take on a home practice!

kathleenjames said...

What a wonderful informative post - I really enjoyed reading your yoga routine experience. Your post provided valuable and concise guide on yoga for beginners . Its good, your husband give you company when you perform yoga poses .