Friday, May 11, 2012

Bryant Park, New York

My friend needed a new camera, so we went to this Staples in 6th Ave since we were in that area anyway. She bought a camera but has to fully charge it first before she can use it that day. Because we don't wanna go back to our hotel we asked the sale associates in Staples to charge the camera for her and come back after an hour to pick it up. We then across the street to go and stay in Bryant Park.

In there, this crowd welcome us.

There's a local band performing live who played great music. Enough reason for us to stay longer. We settled in the corner after we found chairs.

Because I am natural-born curious I left my friend and husband from our seats after a while to wander around the area. I see other people is eating, talking too loud, laughing too loud, sleeping on the grass, reading their books, playing with their dogs, playing with ball, playing with their kids and random passersby while the band is playing music- that happens all in one time. There were so much going on in here, yet, I feel calm and safe.

Saw this statue and monument.  

Left photo: Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva (1763-1838). Andrada was a leader in the fight for Brazilian independence from Portugal and served as the new;y independent country's first prime minister. This statue was a gift from the people of Brazil when 6th Ave was renamed to in honor of pan-American cooperation.

Right photo: The right photo is the site of the William Cullen Bryant Memorial (1794-1878). He was a newspaper editor, and a civic improver who led the campaign to create Central Park. 

Spotted an interesting exterior design of a cafe over here.

This is one of many coffee and pastry shops in Bryant Park.

This area is when random people can play games. Don't know what exactly that game was.

In there kids can take a carousel ride.

or read books.

Public restroom in Bryant Park is well maintain- fresh and clean. In fact, there are stay-in maintenance crew for every men and women restrooms to keep it tidy. I have never seen a public restroom like this in my entire existence - restroom that has bunch of fresh flowers in the hall way and a wide wooden mirror. This is really something.

Much to my delight is when I enter the stall and saw this clean toilet bowl with plastic cover around it where in fact there were eight (8) persons ahead of me who uses it already. Floors and walls are neat as well. 

The cons of this public restroom is that it only have three (3) stalls in the women restroom, a long line to get in is very annoying, but the good consolation you get once your in is the clean toilet. :)

Travel Period: April 2012

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