Saturday, May 19, 2012

New York: The Beautiful Central Park

Who doesn't know Central Park? I'm sure you heard so much about it and I'm also pretty sure you've seen it many times in the movies. When in NYC you must pay a visit in Central Park. It is very lovely.

We walked in on the west side at the 81st Street and meandered all the way down to the east side area of the park. Central Park is tremendous, on 843 acres of city owned land located at the center of Manhattan in NYC. We actually haven't seen the entire park don't have lots of time to wander it all. But, I have had enough to really look around of some of the best attractions. Love Central Park so cool and so pretty! A very romantic place.

Cherry blossom are can be seen in there.

Love the Lake.

A Swedish cottage. I try to get in to see what's in there cause I heard a loud singing voices noise from outside but the lady who opens the door told me they're having a musical practice no visitors allowed. So we headed to the garden instead.

The Obelisk called Cleopatra's Needle.

This is a monument of King Jagiello- king of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania. It is located across from Belvedere Castle and the east end of the Turtle Pond.

The Turtle Pond.

The Echo bridge. That man is playing a music with his flute so beautiful.

Spotted a phone box in Central Park.

I haven't seen a public restrooms such like this one ever before. You heard that right, this is the public restrooms of Central Park.

Travel Period: April 2012

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